Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Heels & Wheels: Tres' Chic - AutomotiveSTYLE

You know how the original version of every movie always seems to be the best? Well, the Heels & Wheels automotive press trip is SO NOT like that. Each year it just gets better and better! I was unable to attend last year however, I was honored to attend the very first Heels & Wheels and was excited to be there for the 3rd anniversary! You can tell by the huge smile on my face as I drive the Aston Martin DB-9... which seriously might be the most expensive car I've even been given the opportunity to drive...let alone one of the most stylish!

The range of cars in the lineup this year was spectacular and consisted of the Aston Martin DB-9, Mitsubishi Outlander GT, manual transmission Buick Verano (yes...I'm a girl who knows how to drive a stick and I loved it!), Dodge Dart GT, Volkswagon Jetta Hybrid, Mini Cooper Convertible, Mazda6, Kia Cadenza, Hyundai Santa Fe and Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Literally, all of these cars provided me with one of the best 2 day driving experiences I've ever had. Starting out in Portland, Oregon and driving to the beautiful Brasada Ranch in central Oregon allowed a great amount of seat time in each car as well as a second day to get up close and personal with them. For me, it was like an expansive Spring 2014 Fashion Collection of clothing.  There was something for every style and budget.

We were also given the exclusive opportunity to check out the new Jeep Cherokee Trail Hawk which launches in the 3rd Qtr of this year. Isn't she a beauty?

I just couldn't seem to get enough of it (as per that famous SM smile...) and can't wait to physically be able to test one out!

A few of the things I absolutely love about this event is...we know how to work hard and play hard! Thanks to the staff at Brasada Ranch, I was finally able to get in a little target practice...wearing my green Gucci sneakers of course...

...And, in addition to driving some of the hottest new cars, being in the presence of some of the industry's finest female automotive journalists is always fun and informative. We are able to not only learn from each other but also enjoy the camaraderie that goes along with sharing a common goal...educating female auto buyers.

Whether looking at things from my angle...through the eyes of style, or purely on performance and safety, I believe we all walked away from this event with a plethora of knowledge to share with our respective readers. So...here's some of what I learned from the KBB (Kelly Blue Book) and Cooper Tires presentations:

  • A large percentage (68%) of the women visiting the KBB site have already decided on the car they intend to purchase based on segment or type of car, 50% on the price and 46% on the actual brand
  • Women account for 85% of all consumer purchases
  • Women command $5 trillion in U.S. purchasing power, projected to increase to $44 trillion by 2020
  • Over the next decade, women will control 2/3 of the consumer wealth in the U.S.
  • Women make 80% of all purchasing decisions
  • Nearly 80% of women use the internet for research prior to making a purchase.

Now... say it with me: "Who Run The World?" "GIRLS!"

Exactly my point!


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