Monday, July 8, 2013

LA Looks!

As my regular readers know, I was honored to attend the 2013 BET Awards in LA this year since Ford Motor Company sent me to the #FordHotSpot to cover the activities in their social media lounge  and I've talked quite a bit about that however, what I haven't yet discussed is my weekend of fabulous looks!

First and foremost...let me introduce you to my new brand...yup, I said mine.  Well, my family's as well as a few other partners' but none the less...mine! It's Stars N Stripes and I suggest you go ahead and follow us on Twitter right now! Launching later in the year, this menswear collection will be exactly what any stylish guy is looking for but right now, our unisex tee, was absolutely perfect for me. No?

A visit to LA means painting the town red and that's exactly what I did on the day before the awards. Wearing my China partner's brand Found Missing, which had such an awesome message on it.  The front reads, "Do You Truly Love Me" and the back references the scripture John 21:16...

...complimented by my fabulous Mel Shoes! Don't you simply love them?!? They are definitely the most stylishly comfortable jellies I've ever owned!

Now let's talk gowns and jewels. So, my red carpet dress for the awards was EVRYTHING!  I received so many compliments, I almost forgot for a moment that I was a member of the media and not a celebrity! The dress was designed by my friend Deneisha White of DENEISH in New York and I could not have chosen a better dress given the weather!

As far as my jewelry for the day is concerned, I had a mixture of Gawdy Bobbles 

and Shop Bevel. I wore these gold elephant earrings on the red carpet as well.

Both companies have styles to compliment any look and are luxurious way beyond their price.  Trust me, you would be pleasantly surprised shopping either of these sites.

Then for the Ford Media Lounge and official after party, it was back to Stars N Stripes.  This unisex tee is one of my favs as well. It's very rock n roll!

So as you can see, I officially rocked and it's all because of my partners and the brands who support the StyleMayvin movement. Thank you all for making me look so freaking fab!


Nice Stars N Stripes t-shirt. Keep me posted on when and where I can get one.

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