Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Warriors In Pink 2014

Once again, I was honored to be invited to the 2014 Warriors In Pink event sponsored by Ford. I have been invited to past events but each time I am in attendance, I am inspired by those who are being honored as well as the speakers.

I had the pleasure of sitting at the same table with Tracie Benjamin who is a survivor/co-survivor of breast cancer. Just before she was diagnosed, she had quit her job to start her own business. What a leap of faith to take and to then find out she had breast cancer and no insurance, well...I can only imagine how she felt. But, that was only the beginning of her awesome story. Maybe you've seen her on TV? She had a surprise marriage proposal (Watch it Here) on live TV and let me just say that having had the chance to spend just a small amount of time with her, her spirit is one that radiates love and light. Her future husband is a very lucky man. Meanwhile, I felt like a very luck woman simply to be in the room.

So...how can all of my fashion and style lovers help in continuing the fight against breast cancer? Well, I'm glad you asked! Warriors in Pink works to keep the idea of breast health top of mind 365 days a year and you can shop while supporting a great cause. 

 See all of the fabulous pieces being offered HERE and make your donation today! I love my Kaleidoscope of Hope Scarf... (hint hint), in case you're looking for a beautiful and versatile piece to add to your collection.

And...if you're in the market for a new car and love the idea of WINNING one as much as I do, you should definitely enter to win the Warriors In Pink, Drive the Conversation 2014 Ford Fusion Giveaway!


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