Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Lexus LS460 F Sport - AutomotiveSTYLE

The one thing I love about doing auto reviews is the opportunity to have so many different driving experiences. I'm sure my readers who are Lexus drivers will agree that there's really no way to go wrong driving any of the new, luxurious cars they have on the market currently. From plush comfortable interior seating to beautiful exterior style lines, these vehicles are certainly increasing their band of loyal followers and purchasers. Check out the Lexus LS 460 F Sport!

Now, I've had the pleasure of driving the Lexus IS 350 a couple of months ago but my most recent Lexus houseguest was the LS 460 and let me tell you, this car was definitely a welcome addition to my family! It's really just like a perfect, finely wrapped package and with all of its spectacular lines and curves, it reminds me of this 2014 Fall Versace Couture dress that just graced the Paris runway only two days ago. Sheer elegance...

You have to have a certain amount of discretionary income to purchase this car, as the model I tested and reviewed was priced a stately $87,900 and its an absolute must that you have a certain type of super fit body to don this Versace dress but honestly, with the statement and impact they make... both are worth it!

The LS 460 isn't just a pretty face either. Oh no! Take a gander at this butter soft leather interior.

And the technology packed into the LS not only makes it one of the easiest, most lifestyle convenient cars I've ever driven, it also provided the level of safety that I'm always looking for in a family sized vehicle...oh and did I mention it's fun to drive? One of my favorite technology features is the Lexus Enform App Suite. It uses your smart phone to give you in vehicle access to your fav mobile apps! Everything from iHeartRadio to Facebook Places can be accessed and controlled using only the voice recognition system. Gotta love that!

Beauty on the inside...

and outside with everything in all the right places. It's the perfect match for the most stylish of consumers.


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