Saturday, September 13, 2014

MBFW Spring Summer 2015 - Day 7

Back in town and back to the fashion grind I go. Thankfully there was only one show on the calendar and I had the opportunity to hang out with friends as well.

Back of House has been and will continue to be an exciting part of fashion week for me and this season was extra special because I was invited back stage by Cygalle Healing Spa for three different shows, Alon Livne (Show), Francesca Liberatore (Show) and Erin Fetherston to experience the services they provided to the models post-show. Accomplished Make Up Artist, StyleMayvin team member and new contributor to the site, Joy Randall will bring you a more in depth look at Cygalle Healing Spa but for now, just know that their mobile spa services were completely and totally fabulous!

Following the beauty treatment and a quick backstage pic with the designer herself... was time for the show.

Check out all of the looks in the video I shot of the models, final walk.


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