Friday, February 20, 2015

MBFW New York - Day Zero Part Deux

A day so long it requires two posts! Yes...that's Day Zero. So let's continue...

This is a personal favorite! Inspiration for the men's collection derived from the art of Robert Frank; specifically the photographer's work observed in The American's. The post-war era photography, from the late 1950's showcased, or rather drew attention to, the lives of the rich and the poor in their respective environments.

Taking in the new collections of all 13 of the menswear collections and one womenswear was the perfect way to spend the day. To end Day Zero, there's nothing better than grabbing a drink and a giggle with fashion friends. For that adventure, I headed over to the LIE SANG BONG cocktail party.

Now...who's ready for the actual NYFW Day 1?


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