Thursday, March 3, 2016

Let's Get Jazz-y!

As the weather starts to break and Spring is just around the corner, fashion begins to change. I know I can't be the only one who wants to pack away the boots but knows that it's definitely not yet the time to break out the sandals right? So what's a girl to do? Well...I turn to one of my absolute favorite  brands (for any season), J/Slides.

My readers know ALL about them because I've turned to them many times before but in this fashion moment in time when atheleisure is THE buzz word across the industry, I knew they would have exactly what I needed. And I was right (as per usual)... the Jazz is the perfect transitional shoe from winter to spring.

Why do I love this shoe so much? Let me count the ways:
  1. They're available in black. Every stylish New Yorker sees this color as pretty much the only color in existence and why not? Black can be paired with anything. Black is the new black.
  2. They're stylish! Going back to the athleisure conversation...these shoes are the perfect mix of comfort, style and trend.
  3. Since they're made of leather, they will keep your feet warm even on those days when mother nature teased us with warm weather one day and frigid temps the next. She's pretty fickle like that... Why not be prepared?
  4. The design of the shoe is so functional that you can rock them with a dress (like I did), with jeans or with pretty much whatever you like. See how I did that?

There are certainly more reasons to love this shoe but I'll let you come up with a few of your own. Hey...why shouldn't you be able to flaunt your individual style rocking one of my favs? There's no good reason I can come up with! Who's ready to SHOP?


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