Naomi Osaka x Levi's

When I say I love to see women step outside of the box of the careers they are known for and taking on their many other passions, I mean that! But what I love even more is seeing and showing support for the success of those things. Naomi Osaka and Levi's have teamed up for a fresh take on the iconic brand as she continues to grow her influence in the fashion industry. The ruffled mermaid skirt from the Summer 2022 collaboration is a nod to 80's style unfinished edges and asymmetric hemline. The cropped bomber jacket is simply adorable and a perfect Back to School piece.

Naomi Osaka Levi's Denim Ruffled Skirt

Black White Naomi Osaka Photo

"I wanted to keep this collection fun and playful, and also include some pieces for everyone. I was trying to bring some light-heartedness with this collection as a reminder for us all to enjoy the life we're living and not take things too seriously. These pieces all make me feel super confident and comfortable because they're all so flattering and fun to wear." -Naomi Osaka

Levi's Naomi Osaka Denim Halter TopLevi's Naomi Osaka Denim Summer 2022 Campaign


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