Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Laquered Up!

I usually don't cover beauty products but I am so into this winter's nail polish trends.

Normally not a desired color for your natural nails however, Grey is the new black! Love, love, love Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear Gunmetal and if you're a designer girl right down to your nails, try YSL's Tuxedo Gray (Yes...YSL makes polish too. Isn't that just great?).

Another great nail polish color for the season is purple. OPI's Purple with a Purpose and Dior's Vernis in Silver Purple are both simply beautiful. And don't forget the ever popular green! Light green, emerald and any shade in between could be that extra style push you need.
These popular colors can help you to glam up your hands as well as your look and although you may not think you could pull it off, try variations of these colors and you might be surprised to find one that fits you perfectly!

Nail Tip: Try the newest technique and polish the ring finger nail on each hand in a tonal, slightly darker color. It will give your hands that little extra pop!


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