Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2010

As a former special events and fashion show production company owner, I appreciate the major production efforts that go into creating the Annual Victoria Secret Fashion Show. For those who are event novice and have never been a part of the fashion industry on a serious level, the chaos and the glamour seems like a lot of fun and it is...on some levels. My old partners (G,B and A plus 1) know like I know that you have to be a really special type of person to actually LOVE this stuff and want to do it again year after year, month after month and event after event. So...I'm dedicating this post to the wonderfully, creative and talented men and women who literally make the show happen.

Do you know this name? Jermaine Brown... He is the Choreographer for the 2010 VS Fashion Show, a title he has held for 3 years running. Check out his bio and reel showing his work and accomplishments at Seriously, this man is truly talented. CONGRATULATIONS on another job well done with the VS Fashion Show! Smooches!

Hector Lopez, Editor for the VS Fashion Show is beyond awesome! His resume speaks for itself but I just had to throw out yet another name of a behind the scenes crew member who makes this show a huge success. Cudos to all! now that I've gotten a couple of shout-outs taken care of and trust me, there are many more people who have worked on the VS Fashion Show making it a spectacular event but I would be remiss not to mention my top three looks! Plus, I gotta stay true to the StyleMayvin vow to keep you In the KNOW... So, here they are!

My Favorite VS Angel - Chanel Iman!

She rocked the glittery gold runway with fabulous white wings but most importantly wearing my #1 BEST LOOK of the show...a 25 pound pair of Bubble Wings! LOVED IT!!!

My #2 Pick is Alessandra Ambrosia who is also my second favorite VS Model. She totally rocked the opening of the "Wild Things" segment with this look!

Rounding out my TOP 3 is Karolina Kurkova in Peacock Feathers.

As you can see by my list, I am a huge fan of the wings. Out of the 34 models, only 21 get to wear the infamous wings! What you have to remember is drama in a show like this is the key. It's not your straight runway, NY Fashion Week type show...this show is total entertainment.

Did you miss it? Well, here's a few highlight videos for your enjoyment. You can thank me later...


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