Biscotti + The Mini Mayvin

Not a day goes by that I don't marvel in wonder at the respectful and beautiful little people my children are turning into and my princess is, not so surprisingly, turning out to be quite a lot like her Mom. She's the "Mini StyleMayvin".

When I was given the opportunity to review dresses by Biscotti, I knew this would be just as much fun for my daughter as it would be for me! Then when I told her that the dresses were a favorite of President Barack Obama's daughters, she was sold!

So... I figured a quick photo session with my Samsung Galaxy Camera would be in order. Can you tell she's already enjoying the benefits of her mini mayvin status?

For picture day at school she chose this beautiful red dress (Falling For Dots) with faux petals and silver adornments. This perfectly made and uniquely designed shift dress is age appropriate yet chic and stylish. I heard all about how it was a such a huge hit with her classmates!

Then, for her very first social gathering, the Mini Mayvin selected the Snow Princess sleeveless dress. She absolutely loved the jacquard print and jeweled neckline.

And... as usual, she was the perfect model! After looking at how much fun she had wearing the dresses, wouldn't you want one if you were 8 years old? I know I would!

I always tell her when you look good on the outside and feel good on the inside, the sky is the limit! By George...I think she's got it!

"Stylish holiday dresses are a must-have for festive celebrations. Add some shimmer and sparkle, luxury and elegance to your princess’ festive frocks this year with Biscotti, an international children’s brand dedicated to creating unique dresses and sportswear that combine timeless elegance with a modern flair."

The Biscotti collection is PERFECT for any little girl who wants to feel glamorous and for every Mom who loves style but still wants her little princess to look like one. SHOP Biscotti and Kate Mack today!

About Biscotti and Kate Mack:

Biscotti is an international children’s brand inspired by fond memories of the carefree and innocent days of childhood.  With headquarters in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area, our whimsical and romantic apparel collections have captured the hearts of customers since 1986.  

The designs in our Biscotti and Kate Mack collections possess a nostalgic and modern appeal destined to please both the youngest customer and the fashion conscious young teen.  Whether the occasion calls for  a formal or more casual look, the combination of beautiful fabrics with eye-catching details fills the need for what girls (and Moms) want an outfit to be: hip, but also simple, pretty and modest.

Many Biscotti and Kate Mack styles have been featured in leading publications such as Women’s Wear Daily, Vogue Bambini, The Wall Street Journal, Child Magazine, Us Weekly, and Teen Vogue. Young actresses have worn our looks for their Hollywood red carpet events and our brand is a favorite among celebrities including Katie Holmes, Victoria Beckham and Heidi Klum. A Biscotti dress graced television sets all over the world when Malia Obama chose to wear our red taffeta dress on her father’s election night.

Biscotti and Kate Mack styles can be found in luxury department stores including Harrods, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Saks, Barney’s and Bloomingdale’s, as well as more than 1000 exclusive specialty boutiques across the United States and Canada. The brand has had tremendous international success, establishing a strong customer base in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain, Japan and the Middle East.

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  1. That's an excellent post. I had never heard of the brands mentioned. However, thanks to your post I will definitely view their website.

    Yes, with proper upbringing and values, a Princess will follow the footsteps of the Queen. KayCee look beautiful and certainly following in her stylish mother's footsteps. Love the photos!


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