Re-Intro to StyleMayvin

I am the StyleMayvin. Self proclaimed.

Though I tried to put this distinction of myself in a box full of fashion's finest things, I cannot.

Throughout my life, I've transformed myself many times. Each time in an effort to find something. Be something. Prove to myself that I could do the impossible. But why prove something, you already know to be true?

Why? Because the system of our society is built to keep you from this truth. To keep you in your box, whether self created or imposed, that says: "You can only do this. Be this. Own this. Look like this. Care about this. Eat this. Be vocal about this." Simply are expected to do what is expected. Those of us, free thinkers, who choose a different path will undoubtedly have a different journey.  We proclaim: YOU. DON'T. TELL. ME.

Here in lies the challenge.

No one explains to you how to travel this road. Those who already have the hat, mug and t-shirt as evidence of having successfully chosen to journey and live(d) in this way either have had an extremely difficult time sharing their story, their minds being incapable of dumbing down the process enough for others to understand, or they were silenced (too many people of color fall into this category). Or, here's another possibility; they consciously decided to be selfish by keeping the valuable lessons they've learned to themselves or maybe they just moved on to another dimension before having the opportunity to give all they wanted to share.

Yet, the responsibility remains. I accept.

In my decision to be who I Am and live to my greatest potential, I accept that there will be times when my conscious mind is unsure of many things but there are a few I will never question.

  1. I am. 
  2. I can.
  3. I will.
  4. I do.
  5. I live.
  6. I help.
  7. I heal.
  8. I serve.
  9. I love.
To define StyleMayvin is to go beyond my comfort zone. So I did.

She is: 
A lover of life and of those that surround her. A confidant and friend. A seer. A vibrational shifter. A Goddess full of light. A creator made by the Creator. A reader. A writer. A teacher. A student. A way finder and a mystical creature. 

A wife and mother. A business owner and philanthropist. A daughter. A sister. An Auntie and Godmommy.

A pusher, motivator and public speaker. A freedom fighter. A relentless disruptor. A progressive. A undeterred novice and confident expert. A powerful manifestor. A believer in all her truths.

Style is a distinctive appearance and experience determined by a unique design.
Mayvin is a trusted expert seeking to share knowledge with the awakened and vigilant.  

Just as the StyleMayin encompasses many, there is always only one collective goal. Freedom. 
Without fear, I re-introduce you to me. StyleMayvin. 


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