Soul Journey

Pain is a real thing.

Trauma we suffer from the loss of someone we love is unfortunately a part of this life we live. More often than not, we do not recognize how the loss changes us unless and until something drastic happens to shake the earth while we desperately grasp for something to hold onto before we are engulfed in darkness.

When my Mother died, a part of me went with her. This could not be avoided. It is, shall we say, a necessary function as a part of the Soul Journey. Consciously, I was drowning. Subconsciously I dealt with the truth in the only way my spirit knew how. I snapped photo after photo of environments I knew she would have loved to see. I searched for her face in the sky, high beyond and between the clouds. I hoped her kiss would float through the ocean mist landing softly on my face. Sometimes it did. And then, I wrote.

Four years later, there's an increase of dialog and conversations in society around mental illness that has begun to explore feelings and emotions beyond PTSD and depression. It's a start. 

Many of us are anxious about our lives, the well fare and safety of ourselves and our children (especially those of us who are black and brown) and the future sustainability of the planet on which we live. These emotions can be debilitating when not addressed, expressed, explored and resolved. It's a process. I call it a time for DETOX.

My way of detoxing and healing from the loss of one of the most important people in my life was and continues to be this devotional/journal/mind exercise: Soul Journey: travels of a strong woman

This post isn't simply an advertising plug for book sales (though I humbly hope you choose to buy it), its my peace offering. Maybe it will help you in finding yours. Ase. 


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