Waist Beads - Style vs Purpose

We've all seen them...whether at the beach or around a bare "midriff" (as my mother would say), walking around in our respective cities this past summer.

Waist Beads. Are they a fashion statement or something deeper? I guess that depends on who you ask. So, when my daughter asked me what they are and why I wear them, I struggled to share my intent. At 14 years young, I wasn't sure how to explain something I saw as almost a right of passage, a stance on femininity, sensuality, spiritual well-being and an expression of power as a nurturer and creator because after all, that's what happens in the womb. At the time, I definitely did a poor job of explaining. Maybe I should share this post with her since it was inspired by her.

As an African American, one of the things I cling to (when I'm introduced to them) are things that celebrate African heritage. I do not have the advantage of knowing what tribe my ancestors originated from, our customs and spiritual practices. It is a hole I hope to one day fill. In the interim, I practice those things to which my spirit is drawn and find my own way of weaving the practices into my life.

Aside from the beauty of waist beads because of their placement and the way they move with and around the body, there is an undeniable air of sexiness. Peaking out randomly from underneath one's clothing, waist beads typically surprise and entice the onlooker. Yet, as a sign of femininity, only a partner a woman chooses would have the honor of seeing them fully.

The element of surprise is still a very necessary component to relationship building. And one thing's for sure...ancestral tradition never gets old. Oh yeah...and, consequently waist beads are fashionable, dare I say "on trend" right now as well.


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