Friday, August 29, 2008


Pierre Hardy…Heard the name?

This designer’s shoes are truly a work of art and not meant for the subdued footwear consumer. You really have to “step up your game” figuratively, literally AND financially to “step out” in this vibrantly bold heel, fashioned for this year’s Fall/Winter season. Although the look may not fancy ALL fashion aficionados, if they’re worn on the red carpet or to whatever event a confident trendsetter chooses, they’ll unquestionably be the most memorable topic of discussion. This extravagant creation by fashion-favorite Pierre Hardy certainly caught my eye but with no price listed ( and selling their softer, muted nonetheless intriguing collections for upwards of $1000, I can only imagine the price tag for this stunner.

This should give you an idea…The only store listed for purchase of this shoe is the Pierre Hardy store located in Paris at:
156, galerie de Valois
Jardins du Palis Royal – 75001 Paris
T/F 33 (0) 1 42 60 59 75

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Star Studded Denim

Always in support of another guilty little fashion pleasure, this week’s item particularly peeked my interest as I have been a denim junkie for years! To further confirm my self-indulgent jean addiction, my BFF recently crowned me with the title “Denim Connoisseur” based on my love in the early years of wearing classic Levi’s, DKNY, Earl Jeans and D&G to my more recent obsessions with Rich and Skinny, SEE by Chloe’, Earnest Sewn and Degaine (regularly worn by Jennifer Anniston).

But today, I am totally in awe of the Roberto Cavalli Swarovski Crystal Jean ($1275). They are simple, yet elegant, beautiful and unique all rolled together into one sexy ball of cotton and twill…and after just one look at the inseam length on these babies, I AM HOOKED! Loving his designs for years and breaking out my very colorful Cavalli jeans whenever the mood strikes me and of course, absolutely loving my “look” that day, I’ve learned that “sometimes the luxury of fashion shouldn’t be compromised”. In this case, that's IF you can afford the $1200+ price tag. (Insider Tip: These jeans are currently on sale for $765 through one of my fav fashion sites …Get ‘em while they last!)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Studs and Leather

Never really a die hard accessories girl, I’ve always left it up to my favorite Events Director friend to bring the “accessories bag” (stuffed to the max and chocked full of goodies) to all the “Girlfriends’ Weekend” trips BUT… this Tory Burch necklace SO has my name on it. The intricately styled, faux-bib design will add a youthful, fresh look to nearly any ensemble while the textured leather and metal hardware screams “I’m rough but still OH SO SEXY”.

Many times (and I’m sure my friend had to notice) the infamous “accessories bag” has gone home a little “lighter” than it arrived…Can you say, “beg, borrow or steal”? This one (if you already own it) is sure to get swiped so watch your back all you girlfriends! J

Or…here’s an idea! All “the girls” could make the purchase collectively and create a sisterhood of the traveling necklace!

Tory Burch – Jarrett Necklace $495

Friday, August 8, 2008

New Beginnings...

So, today was supposed to be the big day. 8/8/08…it’s only going to come once and it will be gone before you know it. Like every other day, 8/8/08 will last for only 24 hours and as a matter of fact by the time many of you read this it will have already come and gone but this is a historic day. Not just because of the symbolism of the meanings related to the number 8, nor the peace one should feel when turning this number upon its side to see the symbol of infinity, giving us all a sense of understanding that the possibilities for our lives are infinite, but more so for me, it is a testament to yet another “failure to launch”.

No, I’m not referring to the movie starring Sarah Jessica Parker and the super sexy Matthew McConaughey, however the message in that movie does play a part. That message: Despite everything, be honest, live your life in a manner in which makes YOU happy and by all means LOVE as hard as you can; may very well be a few of the most important accomplishments we can ever make in our lives. This day, 8/8/08 should have been MY launch of a new entity that would bring fashion, trends and respected advice accessible to everyone all over the world. Unlike the historically glamorous periodicals and documents related to the fashion industry…this was to be the day of “A New Beginning In Fashion”. Which brings me to a question…What happens to a dream deferred?

For those who don’t know, Style Mayvin is not just a new blog among the many that already exist, she’s a real person. Maybe somewhat of an “alter ego” of a much more “always fabulous” person and often a little materialist but hey…that’s ok, it’s allowed because the Style Mayvin strives to live her life in a way that makes HER happy...everyday. Some days it’s a lot easier than others but that’s what life is all about. Just so there’s a clear understanding—Style Mayvin doesn’t only focus on fashion albeit the primary focal point, the real “always fabulous” person with whom she shares her body deals with struggles, pain and sorrow as well as well as happiness, peace and joy (at times) just like everyone else. Keep that in mind as you continue to read today and in the future. The person behind the words is always there whether seen or unseen.

In an effort to inspire you to be GREAT and a leader in whatever genre’ you choose, Style Mayvin hopes to bring a ray of "fashion-light" to your day, your week or your month…depending on how often the spirit moves. So, to answer the question…"What happens to a dream deferred?” Nothing. Dreams are never deferred. If you aren’t ready, they are simply passed on to the next person who isn’t afraid to do what it takes to achieve them. Instead of failing to launch the thing you love and possibly live for, don't just forget about it because you can still get it done…simply launch something different but just as great.

Introducing….Style Mayvin