Thursday, January 28, 2010

For the love of spikes

Christian Louboutin is apparently having a serious love affair with spikes. They are showing up on so many of his designs, I'm beginning to wonder if this phase may very well be a keeper for life.

These flats from the 2010 Resort collection are very "Bad Ballerina". They're made especially for the innovative, fashion forward lady who can appreciate the dainty/punk rock look and afford to purchase this trend. Seriously, they are just confusing enough to be oxymoron if I've even seen one in a shoe. But in a cool, fashionable way.

Louboutin has also fashioned an open toe heel in the same vein of a charming Cinderella Glass Slipper but of course with more edge. I'm not the biggest fan of the clear, plastic look especially not in a heel but these are quite cute. I give them two thumbs up! It's so hard to find a really cute silver shoe and if you want something outside of the norm...these are just the ticket.

Now let's get down and dirty. Here's a version sent to me by a supportive fellow blogger. As interesting as they are, they could really just be down right dangerous. Maybe strutting with a sign that says "No tailgating" would be appropriate for these spiked stilettos. I'm thinking it would be best NOT to wear them for a night out clubbing because I'm almost positive they'll be considered a weapon thus denying you entry for sure. AND if you're thinking about jet setting in them, Forghetaboutit! Attempting to get past homeland security at the airport would be a monumental fail!

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Choosing the PERFECT jeans...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

SAG Style

I am so loving this time of year...Awards Season and pretty soon, NYC Fashion Week. A girl just couldn't ask for more! As the buzz over the rainy Golden Globes takes a backseat, the SAG awards picks up right where GG left off producing not only a beautiful, rain-free day but also stars in very beautiful gowns.

My pick for best dressed is Christina Applegate. Rocking the red carpet in a steel grey Roberto Cavali gown, she was a breath of fresh air amid the cluster of red dresses arriving that evening. The detail and jeweled applique on the back of the dress gave her an air of elegance and grace symbolising not only the strength of a woman who has fought and won the battle with breast cancer but also one of a successful actor in her own right. I heart Christina Applegate!

Marion Cotillard who was also a favorite from my coverage of the Golden Globes definitely believes there are no rules to wearing white and in this case, I have to agree. The french actress and face of Dior went with a short look and wore the Elie Saab Haute Couture dress and Elie Saab white platforms with confidence. The cocktail ring by Chopard Jewelry added just a hint of color to her ensemble. I'm certainly a fan of this all know the one-shoulder look is my thing.

Sandra Bullock who is definitely on my Red Carpet Radar this season has been hitting the mark thus far and this Alexander McQueen gown which looks perfect on her body is continuing the trend. Is she wearing spanx or is that the result of working out and eating right? Sheesh! I better get to work!
Photo Credit:, AP Photo, Just Jared

Simply Stunning!

Rihanna stepped onto the red carpet at the 2010 NJR Awards held at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes France and as usual, she "Wow'd" the crowd.
This lace Jean Paul Gautier gown is simply stunning. It's just the right amount of elegance and excitement. I'm thinking it's about time the Gautier team and I made contact. Hmmm...where to begin?
Photo Credit: Just Jared

Friday, January 22, 2010

Lyndsey Scott - Model of the Month

Lyndsey Scott was discovered by CLICK Models and has been in high demand ever since. Featured in W Magazine, Dazed and Confused campaign, Baby Phat and DKNY campaigns this beautiful young lady is certainly a trail blazer.

Walking in such prestigious fashion shows as Prada, Victoria's Secret and Calvin Klein has put her squarely on the modeling industry radar. Last year, the 5'9, size 2, All American Teen became the first model of color to score an Exclusive for Calvin Klein walking 10th in line during the Fall 2009 showing. Congratulations Lyndsey!!! Looking forward to seeing you on the catwalk this show season.
Photo Credit: Click Models

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jewelry Contest!

Earlier this month, I mentioned that I would be doing a number of contests this year in an effort to thank all of my loyal followers.'s time for the first StyleMayvin contest of 2010 and because I'm personally working on expanding my collection of baubles and trinkets, I thought a jewelry contest would be a great place to start.

SheShe Creations produces quality, handmade jewelry for any occasion. I'm personally in favor of the company's collection of necklaces and bracelets. Particularly, this beautiful one of a kind piece. It gives me the feeling of spring! In fact, I was honored to wear foot jewelry custom made by SheShe Creations for an island beach wedding and my feet looked fabulous if I must say so myself! See more at here we go! To enter the contest and WIN the SheShe Creations BRACELET (right) valued at $50 you must type "Stay in the KNOW with StyleMayvin" on the StyleMayvin Facebook Fan Page or tweet it to me at "therealtstrong". Obviously, you will need to either be a Fan of StyleMayvin on Facebook, or be a Follower of "therealtstrong" a.k.a. StyleMayvin on Twitter. If you're not already a Fan or Follower, you can very easily become one by simply clicking on the corresponding icons for Facebook and Twitter located at the top, right of this page. If you would rather enter via email and be added to the StyleMayvin mailing list simply email me at with "Jewelry Contest" in the subject line. All entries will be compiled and a winner randomly selected. The winner will be announced on Wednesday 1/27/10. Good luck everyone!!!

THUY (New Designer Spotlight)

My new favorite up and coming designer is Thuy Diep. Her label THUY (pronounced "twee") is a breath of fresh air. I love designers who take me back to the chic, romantic looks that bring out the "lady" in me. One look and I'm sure you'll be a fan too!

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Spring Boots?

Balenciaga's Spring 2010 shoe collection is nothing short of amazing. These really have to be the most interesting shoes I've ever laid eyes on.

Available in various colors, this interesting mix of fabric in a boot silhouette, an open toe style and graphically designed heel creates the perfect conversation piece. I know I would personally love to have an extended conversation and up close and personal look at these extremely unique shoes.

Intrigued? You've definitely gotta have "attitude" to rock these babies. I know I'm up to the challenge! FYI, Balenciaga...I'm a size 9.

Monday, January 18, 2010

According to StyleMayvin...

THE BEST Red Carpet looks for the 2010 Golden Globe Awards!

Penelope Cruz was GORGEOUS and if I didn't respect her as a person before, I do even moreso now. She said..."I can carry my own umbrella". Gotta love that! Just one look at her complexion and I want to book a flight to the nearest Caribbean island asap! Flawless...

Always a favorite for me, Julia Roberts. Her hair looked great, very natural and chic. Although the dress was simple, the statement necklace is beyond beautiful. I've been working on upgrading my accessories this year and by George, I NEED a statement necklace!

Photos: Getty, Wire Image

Red Carpet...READY!

There were so many beautiful dresses on the rainy Red Carpet at the Golden Globes...I cannot imagine who will be crowned worst dressed on Fashion Police and since celeb bashing is not StyleMayvin's "style", here's the lovely ladies who looks I simply adored!

Marion Cotillard in a sleek, satin, hunter green Christian Dior gown. I loved the little peek a boo lace and satin skirt showing underneath. It's just the right amount of sex appeal.

Another favorite...Sandra Bullock. Purple in all shades was THE color of the evening. While on E! Red Carpet pre-show with Ryan Seacrest, Sandra spoke about the $1 million she just gave to Haiti in support of relief efforts... simply saying she gave the money "because I can." That's HOT! You go Sandra!

Jennifer Morrison made me do a double take. Literally. Her look was completely different from what I'm used to seeing. Not just because she's not in her usual scrubs on House (I LOVE that show!) but the fiery red lips, glam-ed up do and this dress...stunning. Given to her by her boyfriend for Christmas...he definitely gets points for this one! I'm so loving the ruffles but you've gotta be thin enough to carry them off. This is a great choice for her body type and more importantly, she looks incredibly comfortable.

I'm always checking for Heidi Klum on the Red Carpet. Seal and "The Body" never seem to disappoint. Supermodel, Super mom (able to snap that belly back in shape in a nano-second), Heidi gets a firm thumbs up for this look. In addition to her dress, I saw a lot more of the "fish tail" style than expected but all were quite beautiful. As one of personal favorite silhouettes, I was very happy to see this form fitting style on the Red Carpet. Think I'll choose one to wear myself next year. Bring on the invitations!

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Green Bags in a Rainbow of Colors

Since I'm already exercising my "green thumb" at shopping and researching eco-friendly fashion, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to feature the beautifully made handbags I just happened to stumble upon by Matt & Nat.
All bags are made of 100% recycled materials. In fact, the linings are made from recycled plastic water bottles! Isn't it amazing what designers can do? I mean really....and there's a message inside each bags that lets you know exactly how many bottles were recycled to produce your item. Visit the site and check out all the unique styles they offer, many of which are on SALE!
On that note, I leave you with their words not mine; "By combining cutting edge fashion and social responsibility, a balance of opposites emerges, representing the duality of Matt & Nat's Soul." Poetic justice toward reducing our carbon footprint. Nice!

Green Style

Who's going green? It seems everyone! And it's such a wonderful thing to see people becoming more aware of the things we all should do to help protect Mother Earth. Replacing light bulbs, purchasing reusable bags for your groceries and eating better are all great things to do but there are even more ways we can support Green efforts, stylish ways even!
Since we won't be turning back the hands of time to the days of Bible geneogogy when people wore sackcloth and cuddled their babies in swaddling clothes, here's the next best thing! has a collection of fashionable styles for Women, Men, kids and pets. This organic, cotton and spandex skirt ($60) is quite a looker! The Toggery Nikki Skirt's high waist and short length is effective at showing off one of my best legs!

I'm certainly a new fan of the site not only because of the fashion and shoe collection but also because the "green-ness" (if that's a word...) of each item is indicated by the use of various icons. This faux Suede shoe (Cri de Coeur Savanna - $274) has a man made heel and is shown online with the company's icon indicating that it's a "vegan" item. Other icon indications for fashion items as well as the Gifts and Beauty & Wellness products include "recycled, organic, handmade, natural and not tested on animals".
I'm a far cry from being called a Green Consumer but I do what I can, when I can. Think Green! Shop Green!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I rushed to get this post up because I just KNOW that many of my readers love Bobbi Brown products! Don't miss your opportunity to chat LIVE with Brown aka Beauty Maven from 12:30 to 1:30 EST. You can also tweet all of your burning beauty questions to @AskBobbiBrown.

But wait...there's more! Since I'm all about giving back, for all of you make up artists out there who want to show off your skills, you can submit a video showing your best look using Bobbi Brown products starting on 1/19/10. 15 finalists will be chosen to receive a Must Haves Makeup Kit and Brown's new Color Strip Collection to make a final video which will be voted on by the viewers. Here's when the BIG GIVE comes in...for each vote, $1 will be donated to Dress For Success, a wonderful organization that gives interview suits and career guidance to women in need.

Friday, January 8, 2010

60's Glam

This year...I've decided that I need to really expand upon the contents of my jewelry box. Not in a terribly glitzy way, unless of course I'm able to get my hands on a nice new canary diamond and I am actually in need of new diamond studs (hint, hint) but the main focus for now is trendy, chic little trinkets.

This was one of my first "pick's" and it totally fits the bill...a vintage style drawer tag, engraved "miscellaneous" with vintage optical lens and crystal chain detail (whew, that was a descriptive mouthful!). This 60's style 42" chain is available at for $123
If you would like to vamp up your accessories collection, stay tuned! I have a great giveaway contest for an item you'll love coming soon....

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sexy Knits

ONE of my many 2010, 1st Quarter "must have's" is the Sweater Dress.

I currently have a beautiful, pale blue, off the shoulder, cable knit sweater dress (circa 2000) but it's a bit long for the current trend in rising hem lines. So...I think this curve hugging, Dolman Sweater Dress from Banana Republic ( will do nicely. On sale for $79.99...what a bargain!

One of a kind (Product Review)

The terms "tailor made" and "custom fit" are synonymous with luxury and prestige. With that thought in mind, here's an item so important that it is trusted to carry all of your personal, most prized possessions like your make up bag, Drivers License, new Gucci shades and keys to your brand new automobile... Well at the very least, the vehicle that gets your from point A to B ... the carryall Handbag!

Introducing my newest favorite indulgence...Miss Pretty Perfect Handbags. If for no other reason than the ability to posses a stylish one of a kind item, visit

The "Amelia" bag (pictured above) which I have lovingly renamed "Mine" is unique, chic and one of the best over the shoulder bags I've ever owned! Thank You Miss Pretty Perfect!

The long and short of it...

I've personally always had an issue with finding pants and jeans that are long enough for me. Unlike my more petite friends, a quick trip to the tailor simply will no do! I mean, there just aren't enough fashion lines out there that place a good level of focus and emphasis on the 34+ inseam. Never the less...I rise above and I'm not referring to my cuffs either!

If I see a jean that's a must have, I not only formulate the entire look in my head while sprinting to the nearest register, I'm also thinking of shoe selection. Ever had that pair of pants you loved, fit you perfectly in all the right places (if you know what I mean) but you now rarely wear them because they must always be accompanied with flats? I soooo hate that! Especially when if they were just a few inches longer, I could rock my new, sexy stiletto's!!! Anyway, I'm standing in line to make my purchase and going through the mental Rolodex of my shoe inventory and I had an enlightening idea... the shoe bootie!

Skinny jeans that may be a smidge too short can be "fixed"... simply choose a funky, shoe bootie style to sport them with. It will totally distract the eye! As for the semi "short pants"...I suggest finding a more updated flat shoe and if all else fails, let 'em go!

Style note: Although these suede beauties ($575) are now sold out, I could help but to share. (sorry...) I heart Loeffler Randall! I guess if you snooze, you loose but there are plenty of great styles still available.

Photo credit: top left-Nicholas Kirkwood Patent Leather Shoe Boot, bottom left-Loeffler Randall

Pure as Snow

Welcoming the cold weather in a fashionable way can sometimes be a challenge. By nature, we tend to bundle up with lots and lots of layers as if preparing for hibernation which is certainly required on those 20 degree days but when Old Man Winter gives us a break from chilling winds, donning an ever so stunning White Leather Motorcycle Jacket makes an inspiring fashion statement. Yes...white leather and yes...after labor day (that myth is already dispelled). So, put a spin on the already fabulous come back that the motorcycle jacket is making! J-Lo totally hits the mark. This look is chic, clean and pure as the driven snow...