Monday, February 22, 2010

Jumpsuits-Spring Trend

For the real, die hard StyleMayvin fans, you know I've talked about the jumpsuit trend before. Always ahead of my time, I've been a fan of the "Big-Girl Onsies" before the trend was introduced.

This flowing Roberto Cavalli jumpsuit from the Spring/Summer 2010 Collection is absolutely gorgeous. I have one in my arsenal right now! It's not Cavalli however, I'm certainly open to wearing a Cavalli design anywhere, anytime. (Are you listening Roberto?)
Jumpsuits are such a huge trend for Spring that everyone from Sandra Bullock to StyleMayvin is rocking them! Another cool trend this year by way of fabric but still in the "onesie" family. The denim jumpsuit. This is NOT outdated overalls!
Now I don't expect to see a lot of folks walking the streets in this one because this cut calls for a very toned and petite body type. I love the look, it's very Cali and this D&G look from the Spring/Summer 2010 Collection reminds us to be on the lookout for all-things-denim this spring. From bags to shoes, denim in almost every style is BACK! And I'm such a fan, I've already pulled out a few vintage pieces. What do you have in your closet that you might be able to restyle, redefine and reinvent?

Korto Momolu - Designer of the Month

What a privilege it was to interview Korto. I have been and admirer of hers and of her designs since she appeared on Season 5 of Project of my all time favorite shows. Although she didn't win the designer reality show in the end, she was voted fan favorite and that "means more than winning because the fans are the people who will purchase the clothing". I completely agree. My favorite piece she designed on the show was the Seat Belt Jacket (see left). To me, it showed her true design ability. I mean, who thinks of creating a jacket made completely of seat belts?!

Invited to attend her show during NYC Fashion Week, I was able to get photos of the new collection and it was just what I expected. Simply breathtaking! Look out for er new collection of Handbags and Jewelry which recently launch in Dillard's Department Stores.

Here's a preview of the Fall/Winter 2010 Collection. Enjoy!

Photos taken by Champion Hamilton

Monday, February 15, 2010

Always an admirer of Diane von Furstenberg designs, this season's show proved to be absolutely usual. From Men's suiting (one of my new favorite looks) to chic, yet lady-like separates, this collection is 100% StyleMayvin's style. Seriously, I loved every look and could see myself wearing each one for various occasions. This viewing was enough to make any fashion lover's Valentine's Day complete.

For her Fall 2010 Collection presented yesterday, Diane puts a spin on her bread and butter, the wrap dress, by doing it in a flowy fabric with metallic underneath giving it a shimmery illusion.

One of my favorite looks, because I LOVE leather pants was worn by StyleMayvin's featured model of the month in June (see posting 6/2/09), Lakshmi Menon. The sleek black leather crop pants and 3/4 sleeve jacket paired with the watercolor shirt giving it just the right pop of color reflects a little grunge as the entire collection seems to play hard against soft. Loved it!

Yet another pick for model of the month from StyleMayvin's January 2010 file (see posting 1/22/10), Lyndsey Scott graced the catwalk in an all black, drop waist dress coupled with a black blazer that created a bit of a surprise element with the printed lining. I'm starting to see a trend here...Ms. von Furstenburg and I obviously know how to pick fabulous models!
Last but not favorite look of the entire show, and it was really hard to choose because I literally loved every piece! When Diane does separates, she does them so well. I wanted to pull this look right off the model and strut! Maybe it was the yellow top but this certainly made me smile.
For more photos, check out my StyleMayvin Facebook Fan page (see FB icon above). NYC Fashion Week continues...
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Friday, February 12, 2010


It's almost here...Valentine's Day! Let's all give out as many hugs to those we love as possible. This Sunday, February 14th has been deemed a day of love for all and that's fantastic but let's remember to show our love all year long!

Now it's time to talk about gifts! If you're still trying to figure it out for your significant other, you may be in trouble. Don't blame me Ladies...I posted ideas on 2/5/10 from my Gents at Unrefinery and my thoughts for what men may want to purchase were posted on the same day via So, if you missed it...I have no words. BUT...for those who may want to spread the love further to your BFF, Mom, Sister or others you love, here are two great ideas.

I thought I would have been the very last person on the planet to own one of these but the Nuddle Blanket is just too cute! The chic, new and improved version of an item who's brand name I won't mention (but I'm sure you can figure it out) is not only super plush, it's also a favorite of many celebs like Debra Messing, Mariska Hargitay and Tory Spelling. For only $68 you can give someone the gift of a comfy cuddle without even being there! It's not too can go directly to the site and purchase a Gift Certificate giving your giftee the opportunity to purchase their color of choice. I prefer red *hint hint*.

Another really cool gift for my eco-friendly readers are these beautiful, GIGANTIC, long stem roses. Standing at 4 feet tall, can you imagine these babies showing up on your doorstep? Available from Organic Bouquet,these stunning roses are naturally grown on an Ecuadorian farm in the native soil. The rose itself opens to approximately 3-4 inches in diameter and smells as beautiful as they look. Now that's what I call a long stem rose!

Alexander McQueen Spring 2010

The Alexander McQueen designs and the SHOES from this show are spectacular! Mr. McQueen...You will be missed.

Remembering Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen 1969-2010...Rest in Peace

I've been told that what matters most is the "dash" between when we are born and when our time has come to an end. For Alexander McQueen, we can clearly see his accomplishments in the very short 40 years that he graced the world with his mastery of fashion. Born Lee McQueen, founder and designer of the Alexander McQueen brand was found dead in his home on Thursday February 11, 2010.

McQueen's flair for the theatrics was always present on the catwalk and his shows seemed more like performance pieces than fashion shows. With such a unique style, Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour called McQueen "one of the greatest talents of his generation." And we all know that when Ms Wintour speaks...we listen. McQueen's designs have always demanded attention and one of my personal favorites was the controversial "lobster claw" heels from his Spring 2010 collection. They were and still are a topic of discussion in some fashion circles. Kelis has been brave enough to wear them and Lady GaGa made waves when she recently wore them in her "Bad Romance" music video.

Alexander McQueen was simply a genius. His designs were fresh and new which is not an easy thing to do in the world of fashion and still be relevant. He will undoubtedly be greatly missed. Here are some of my favorites looks from his many collections.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fashion Week FEVER!

It's so close, I can literally SMELL it! NYC Fashion Week!!! It's in my bones, makes me smile like nothing else can and officially begins in less than 48 hours. I think it's pretty safe to say that "Fashion is my drug...addictive and beautifully chic all at the same time." I doubt that anything could ever compare.

So, now that I've expressed my undying love, I want you all to know who's designs I'm MOST excited to see this season. Of course, Christian Suriano and another one of my Project Runway favorites; Korto Momolu. This will be Korto's first show since her showing in Bryant Park following her appearance on PR so I'm excited to see what she's been working on. I'm also elated to see Naomi Campbell's Fashion For Relief - Haiti corralling various A-list designers to produce a show in the Tents on Friday to help save the lives of Mothers and Babies in Haiti. Tickets for the show are $100 and $150 and are available through Ticket Master. 100% of the ticket sales will benefit CARE so if you're still searching for a way to support our family in Haiti, here you go!

Proenza, Tracey Reece, Thuy, Ports 1961 and Michael Kors are all at the top of my "most anticipated" list but I'm sure I'll be wow'd by even more. So much fashion, so little time...StyleMayvin is on cloud 9!

Monday, February 8, 2010

3D Fashion

This has to be the coolest thing I've ever heard about and now I want to go to London Fashion Week even more than I did before!

Ok so, before NYC Fashion Week has even begun, London is looking to show us up! The 3D phenomenon comtinues as Burberry has been reported to try the first ever live, 3D broadcast of their fashion show. Fashion fans in only four cities across the globe (Dubai, Tokoyo, Paris and Los Angeles) will be invited however, if you somehow didn't receive an invitation, you can still watch the show LIVE on the Burberry website as it happens during London Fashion Week!

Find out more at The London Standard

Modern Mesh Boots

When I saw these boots as I perused the January 2010 issue of Elle Magazine with Jennifer Lopez on the cover, I thought "Now that's an interesting looking boot". I began to wonder how I could build the perfect outfit around them...Hmmm. Most often for me, the look begins with the shoes and these definitely spark interest.
The leather and mesh knee high boots by Christian Louboutin are available at Saks Fifth Avenue for $1325. After purchasing the boot, I'm thinking the affordable, perfect outfit may consist of very little fabric!
Photo Credit: Christian Louboutin

Friday, February 5, 2010

A Gent's Valentine's Day Wish...

Ladies, are you still contemplating about what to get for your Gent for Valentine's Day? Well, worry no more! My stylishly chic, fellow Blogger and friends at Unrefinery are here to put us on the right path. Apparently, this holiday is not just for women... men should receive Valentine's Day gifts too. Who knew?

Gents know that you want to buy us something cozy for Valentine's, and we want something we can really use, so let's deal. Most guys really have trouble navigating the casual-but-still-trying middle ground between workwear and Saturday morning, which explains the epic FAIL of most Casual Friday attire. So you can't go wrong with a nice shawl collar cardigan sweater, which reads sort of like an unconstructed blazer. This same magical garment can dress up a t-shirt to punch up weekend casual, or dress down a button-down shirt and even a tie as a jacket replacement. Get him a nice soft one, and make sure he leaves that bottom button undone!
Pictured: Ralph Lauren - Cotton Belted Shawl Cardigan - $395
Like what you see? Wanna sneak a peak a what men really want in the future? Check out my favorite Gents at

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Leather Shorts?

I am actually quite surprised to see leather shorts making a come back and no doubt, I've kept mine under wraps for the past...oh I don't know...maybe 6 years or so. Although I was waiting for the perfect moment to whip them out once again, I'm not too sure I'm ready! WOW! I know right?
These are of a completely different design than the ones I own however, the slouchy, paper bag style by Thakoon is really super cute. Giving the illusion of denim, they are actually made of the softest, most subtle leather imaginable. With the hefty price tag of $1330 available for purchase online at, they put a new spin on the words "hot butt". Figuratively and literally, believe me, I know from experience!

BET Honors

There's a special place in my heart for the BET Honors. Not only because it's Black History Month and we pay homage to those who paved the way for other African Americans but also because it feels good to see people of any race, honor each other, their associates and peers. Everyone needs that little pat on the back every now and again...right?

With that said, my favorite looks of this read carpet are Queen Latifah who like many other celebrity attendees, brought her Mom as her guest. That's just sweet!

Mrs. Mary J Blige rocked the red carpet as well as the stage! Her set, in honor of Sean "P. Diddy" Combs had everyone in the audience on their feet. She is one heck of a performer!

Always dapper and impeccably dressed, Neyo won my pick of Best Male Look of the evening. the hat, scarf and glasses are perfect for him when for someone else it could have been accessories overkill. Neyo is smooth and confident in the white evening jacket at well. Two thumbs up!

Photo Credit:

Grammy Style

This year's Grammy Awards Red Carpet arrivals were quite entertaining. It seems that Musicians play by completely different "rules of dress" at the Grammy's than any other awards show...well, everyone but Lady GaGa. GaGa is always the same no matter when or where and I can 100% respect that.

Pledging to stay on the positive side of things as the StyleMayvin always pick for BEST Dressed is Jennifer Nettles (Sugarland). This may come as a bit of a surprise to some but I thought this dress really fit her perfectly. This Victoria Beckham design totally accentuates Jennifer's tiny waist and the black horizontal lines placed strategically at the shoulders really define them perfectly. Gotta have a good "fashion eye" like me to catch all that! Thumbs up Jennifer and cudos to Vicky B!

Next up... Jennifer Hudson. "Two" of the Jenny's were really on point that night! AND...this is yet another Victoria Beckham Collection dress. J Hud, preggers with her second baby, this dress is cute, very flattering with the baby bump and in head to toe black, she can't loose. Oh and...Love the bangs! Nice!

Now, simply because I LOVE LOVE LOVE the one-shoulder look, my pick for the person who had this trend down perfectly, a trend which at the present I hope NEVER ends, is Lea Michelle (Glee). She's suffered a lot of "bad looks" as per the fashion police this show season however, this Navy Blue dress by New York based designer, Romona Keveza definitely does her body shape justice.

Honorable mentions go to Rihanna who wore a White Elie Saab gown, Kerri Hilson in Dolce and Gabanna and Heidi Klum in a Gold and Nude Emilio Pucci.
Photo Credit:, Wire Images,