Saturday, December 22, 2012

In The St Nick Of Time

Are you still finishing up your Christmas shopping? Well surprisingly, even with only 3 days left (counting today), IT IS still possible to order and receive your luxury gift in time for the big day!

Here's a few Stylish Stocking Stuffer items I love from that if you order by 7pm Eastern Time, they will be delivered by Christmas. Oh...and FREE delivery is part of the deal too!

Wild At Heart iPhone 4 Case - Marc by Marc Jacobs

UGG Hat, Scarf and Gloves Set

Golden Oversized Runway Match - Michael Kors

Gucci iPad Case

Tom Ford Nail Lacquer Gift Set

You love them all right? I know! Me too!!!
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Thursday, December 20, 2012

10 Holiday Party Looks

As a blogger and a style enthusiast, the holidays are a time when I am invited to a multitude of events, ranging from small client cocktail parties to black tie galas. It's a pretty busy time of year. Not to mention, as a wife and mom of three, I still have to get prepared for Christmas! The cherry on top? Well, both my oldest son and I have December birthdays! So as you can imagine, I am usually almost ready to be committed by this time: four days till Christmas.

Yet, time stops for no one and the celebrations continue.

One of my favorite things to wear during the winter season is white. Yes, I'm sure your grandmother's old myth about wearing white after Labor Day is ringing in your ears right now, but guess what? That rule is so passe. White is chic all year-round, and that's true for any shade of it. It doesn't have to be restricted to "winter whites" and ecrus, no. As long as you are confident wearing it and the fabric (which IS very important) is correct for the season, like a wool or heavy cotton, you will be right on trend. Here are two ways I would pull together the perfect, classic white look.

My favorite color is blue, and I tend to love it in every hue. Not the traditional color of most holiday dresses, blue stands out in a crowd and that's pretty important in my book! You know how you can walk into a room and there's that one person who immediately catches everyone's eye? I mean for a good reason, not because she's scantily clad or because he is loud and obnoxious. This person is noticeable not just because they may be wearing a pop of color. It's about HOW they wear their outfit of choice, and I found two dresses that I could personally rock at any holiday party. And you know this girl loves all things sparkly!

Now, if I'm looking to pull out all the stops at a black tie holiday event, this would certainly be my go-to dress if my purse (and my husband) would allow it. Can you imagine walking into the party, fashionably late of course, wearing this? I'd say I could rival any celebrity on the red carpet in this baby.

By now I'm sure you are wondering what has happened to the suggestion of wearing the always fabulous, tried and true Little Black Dress, or LBD. Well, the classic LBD is still not only acceptable, it's one of my faces too. You simply can't go wrong unless you choose an inappropriate length, however the LBD is more exciting with a few upgrades. Whether it's side laces or cutouts that show just a hint of skin, or a simple, yet beautifully embroidered piece, its all about the little details when considering any LBD. My top pick? Take a look!

Every now and again, I like to do something a little less traditional for a holiday party. It's what I like to call "dress it up, dress it down," which is the perfect combination of formal and casual, and another look I call "effortless chic." Again, because I love to wear white this time of year and pairing it with black makes a bold statement, I can achieve the "dress it up, dress it down" look by doing something like this elegant yet semi-casual top with an overstated, ballgown-style skirt.

Or when I want an "effortless chic" ensemble, it looks a little something like this. Note: to get this look right every time, be sure to choose one standout trend item. A great design example here is this peplum shirt.

And finally, what's a night out on the town at a festive holiday gathering without sparkle and faux fur? I'd say BORING! Here's a look I would wear to spice up the evening, and one that would rule the night for sure!

Oh and of course, no look is complete without the perfect shoe, and I love all of these!

Now, who's dressed any ready to make this the most stylish holiday ever? I know I am!

This post is part of BlogHer's Get Noticed For the Holidays editorial series, made possible by Cover Girl.

Self Gifting Is Good

Yesterday I walked into one of my favorite stores, Zara on Fifth Ave and found two new must have items!

Think I should self gift this Christmas?

Let's Cruise

Yes! Cruise is a season! Well, at least in the fashion world it is and what an exciting time of year!

While the frost bites most of the east coast, those who love a good cruise collection, tend to find a fabulously warm place to vacation. Where else would you be able to wear all the stylish warm weather pieces designers have put together for us to enjoy?

Most fabulous cruise shoe this year? Louboutin of course!

The Exagona Glitter Platform Pumps are absolutely GORG! Wouldn't you agree?

NEW Gancio Zip Tote

All New Yorkers or Jersey girls who work in the city know that a work bag is essential. The definition of a work bag is simply one that you can fit all of your essentials for the day into. Some choose Longchamp, others a little something from the street vendors but the Gancio Zip Tote is top of the line. This bag doubles as work bag and super chic purse. Made of calfskin, alligator and python, this is literally the perfect bag! Maddimiliano Giornetti (Creative Director of Ferragamo) has outdone himself!

Photo Credit:

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Stylish Stocking Stuffers 2012 - Three Jane

Do you love jewelry? Guess what? Me too! So when I was connected with Katie Schloss through a mutual associate, I was super excited to work with her! And... You guys know how the StyleMayvin always jumps at the mere mention of a photoshoot! Don't you just love the "Three Jane" bangles in this shot? Oh yeah...and I look pretty haute too!

Now I've got something special lined up for all my readers! guessed it. A giveaway!

But first, a little fashion lesson...

When you hear the words "trunk show", what typically comes to mind? For the trunk show novice, there's usually the thought of a runway show atmosphere but that's not at all what it is. Usually held in a private venue or boutique, trunk shows are where designers come to show as well as (and this is the key word) SELL their creations. For years, this has been something only the elite are invited to or better stated, those who are "in the know" get first dibs but now you can become a chic elitist too!

Introducing Bevel! A website that allows you the first look and opportunity to purchase tons of fabulous jewelry designers' collections, especially Three Jane by Katie Schloss that launched on the site today! here's the good part! The big giveaway!!! What will you win and how? One lucky reader be getting one fabulous box set of Three Jane bangles! (Pictured below and valued at $100+)

***Here's what you need to do to enter:
Log on to and sign in the site RIGHT NOW! The special StyleMayvin access code is "NYC10" This allows you exclusive, early access to the site. Then let me know you're all signed up by doing ONE of the following---

* Follow @stylemayvin on twitter and tweet me: "@StyleMayvin All I want for Christmas is #ThreeJaneBangles! #StylishStockingStuffers"
* Go to Facebook and "Like" the StyleMayvin FAN PAGE and post the comment: "All I want for Christmas is #ThreeJaneJewelry! #StylishStockingStuffers"

***Please NOTE - This giveaway is running for an entire week (12/12/12 - 12/19/12) to give more readers an opportunity to win! Feel free to pass it along to your friends!!!

About Three Jane:
Founded in February 2012 by fashion publicist, Katie Schloss, Three Jane is a costume jewelry company based out of Manhattan’s West Village.

As Jane Street skips from one to five, Three Jane is an imaginary address, emphasizing the brand’s tendency towards whimsy and nostalgia while simultaneously serving as home to the Map Necklace. A customizable piece where customers pick any address in the world and Three Jane engraves it onto a 14K gold plate, the Map Necklace is the signature piece in the collection and the philosophy behind it is paramount to the brand at large.

“Since Three Jane is an imaginary address, this idea serves as a tabula rosa for Map Necklace customers. Anything is possible, and I’ve been amazed to see what people have done with this simple idea,” the designer says. “The college she attended, the place she got engaged or married, a place she’s never been before but hopes to go in the future. The sky is the limit, and the world is her atlas.”

Presenting two collections annually, Three Jane by Katie Schloss has been featured in top media outlets including, Martha Stewart Weddings and NBC’s “New York Live,” while the company continues to do custom work for premier industry leaders, such as Cynthia Rowley.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Holiday Travel Tips

With the holidays right around the corner, there's going to be a lot of hustle and bustle at the airports. Tis' the season to travel right? Whether you're visiting family or planning "the great holiday escape", why not do it in style?

Now...once you're all packed and ready for your flight, let me offer just a few tips, and do's & don'ts or what I like to call "the chic traveler check list" to make your journey smooth.
First, triple check that you have packed all chargers for your electronic devices. This is key for those who want to stay connected while away and actually it's important for even those who don't. You never know when an emergency might arise.

Second, eat a light breakfast or lunch depending on your travel time. Fruits is one of my favs.
And third, go online at home or via your cell phone to do an express check in. If your airline allows it, do it! You'll save a lot of valuable time.
Next, what should you wear? Go for something that's stylish yet cute and comfy. Here are my Do's and Don'ts:
*Do ~ Dress in layers. A light cardigan, your favorite blazer or a simple scarf can come in handy on the plane while a bulky sweater could be an absolute nightmare!

*Do ~ Wear comfortable shoes that are easy to remove at the security check point but don't go too frumpy. I find that loafers are always perfect because they have no laces and can be worn with trouser socks to keep your feet protected.

*Do ~ Be sure to create and pack your travel survival kit in your carry on bag. This should include items like hand cream, a good book, a stain removing/cleansing pen in case of a spill, lip gloss, your favorite blush or bronzer...whatever small items you simply can't live without!

*Don't ~ Wear a belt or lots of bulky jewelry. Security tends be a stickler for removing all those things and there are much easier ways to accessorize to make a style statement like a pair of gorgeous earrings or an interesting headband. And as I mentioned before...the perfect scarf could also easily complete your look.
*Don't ~ Carry a lot of small bags. Most airlines' limits you to two bags which includes your fabulous designer purse so remember, check it or compact it!
*Don't ~ Stress! The Holidays are supposed to be joyous and when you feel beautiful and prepared, having the right attitude comes natural. Bring your "patience" and everything will be just fine!
Safe travels and Happy Holidays!

Stylish Stocking Stuffers 2012 - Speck!

What's your most coveted piece of technology? Is it your iPod, iPad, iPad mini or iPhone? It's probably something that begins with an "i"...and since I'm all about protecting our most coveted items, today's Stylish Stocking Stuffer giveaway is a Speck iPhone 5 case!

And I wouldn't be the StyleMayvin if I gave one of my readers just any old case right? With that in mind, Speck cases are quite special! In fact, earlier this year, Elena Slivnyak, a runner-up on season 10 of Project Runway revealed her latest NY Fashion Week collection that was inspired by Speck iPhone cases! So yeah...that means they are all quite chic! Speck is a fashion-forward company obsessed with designing perfectly-fitting and stylish cases... and that places them high on my list of must-haves!

Now, if you've been paying attention and diligently entering each of the Stylish Stocking Stuffs giveaways this year, you probably already have an idea of how you can win but for those just joining the's what you need to do:

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Listen, make it easy for yourself...simply copy and paste the comment to ensure you get it all in and do it NOW! The contest ends at MIDNIGHT tonight!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Stylish Stock Stuffers 2012 - Julep

Recently, nail art has become one of the hottest accessories you can add to make your favorite look even more spectacular. From pictures that give us inspiration on Pinterest to celebs showing us how they accessories their nails, all the style guru's of the world have become obsessed! And that includes me with my hoarding of all things Julep!

I recently posted about some of the colors I've worn and loved so I thought it was high time I shared these fabulous nail colors with YOU!!!
In honor of my Style Saturday fun, today I'll be giving one lucky reader one gift set (below) for the Stylish Stocking Stuffers giveaway!!!

After Dark Gift Set

Jewel Tones Gift Set

Joyful Trio Gift Set

Merry Trio Gift Set

Cheerful Trio Gift Set

Which one will it be? Hmmmm... So...are you ready to WIN? Simply do ONE or BOTH (for double chances to win) of the following by MIDNIGHT TONIGHT 12/8/12:

* Follow @stylemayvin on twitter and tweet me: "@StyleMayvin All I want for Christmas is #Julep nail colors! #StylishStockingStuffers"

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It's as easy as that! Don't miss your chance to **WIN!!! Seriously, if Oprah and the StyleMayvin both love Julep, of course that means you should too! :)

**Contest limited to the US and Canada only

No One Does It Like Oscar

My readers love to shop and so do I! There's one sale that's always worth every penny and that's the Oscar de la Renta SALE.

Grab these new arrivals and more at 40% off now...just in time for the Holidays. Resort wear or decide!

Not familiar with the Oscar de la Renta dresses of perfection? You must have been under a rock! Well, lemme help you out. Here's a behind the scenes look from one of his fashion shows that I was fortunate enough to be able to be a part of. See it all HERE!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Stylish Stocking Stuffers 2012 - Solutions That Stick!

Ever think you could be an inventor? How many times have you said to yourself, "If only I had a 'thing' that kept 'this' from happening..."? Well, there's an awesome company who actually did just that and came up with quite a few "Solutions That Stick".
Here are a couple of my favs! Check them out!

Aren't their product names just the cutest?!? You can see the entire collection HERE!
Ok...lets get to the good stuff! YOU, lucky reader, can win the solutions I love plus more! The fabulous "Shoe Done It" kit below has an array of "solutions" and I'm giving it all away tomorrow! can you win? Starting on Thursday 12/6 beginning at 12 Midnight to Friday 12/7 at 11:59pm simply:
Follow @stylemayvin on twitter and tweet me: "@StyleMayvin All I want for Christmas is a @FashionSolution #ShoeDoneIt gift set! #StylishStockingStuffers"
go to Facebook and "Like" the StyleMayvin FAN PAGE and post the comment: "@StyleMayvin All I want for Christmas is a @FashionSolution #ShoeDoneIt gift set! #StylishStockingStuffers"
And just because I want to make this more fun, I've added a few more ways to enter!
-Like the Solutions That Stick Facebook page and leave the same comment (above) there.
-Follow @FashionSolution on Twitter and tweet the (above) comment there
-Leave the (above) comment on the StyleMayvin blog
With that many opportunities to win, this "Stylish Stocking Stuffers" giveaway should be quite interesting!