Friday, July 19, 2013

Happy Heat Wave

In this sweltering heat wave we are having in the NY/NJ area, Uber definitely comes in extremely handy. I mean, there is simply nothing more chic than your own personal car service! I was introduced to this service last year during NY Fashion Week and have been addicted ever since.  Well now, not only do they provide on-call taxi service but they've got you covered on ice cream too!

In NYC we call it ice cream. Other Uber cities say gelato, glace, eis, whippy, or something else. But what all Uber cities have in common is that today, Friday July 19th...

Join 33 Uber cities across 10 different countries in celebrating everyone's favorite frosty treat.
  • Download the Uber app for iPhone or Android
  • Request the "Ice Cream" option via your app
  • If a truck is available, you and your friends will be enjoying sweet treats from Van Leeuwen and Mister Softee and Uber swag within minutes
If that's not the most fabulous idea of the summer, I don't know what is!!!

  • Ice cream trucks will be on the road in Manhattan and Brooklyn from 11 AM to 5 PM on Friday, July 19th.
  • For $30 you get 6 ice creams as well as Uber tanks and sunglasses simply because Uber is just so stylish!
  • No cash required! Your ice creams will be charged directly to your Uber account.

Demand for ice cream trucks will be very high so put in your request NOW! 

*Note: If you request ice cream and they can't deliver, Uber will email you a coupon good for a 50% discount towards Steve's Ice Cream!

Styled To A "T"

T. Strong loves a T-Strap and no one does it better than Gucci!

There's one that fits the style and personality of every woman...and if you're a woman who can rock either pair, I say go for it!

Come on...get that wallet out.  You know you want it!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

RED Valentino

There's nothing quite like a frilly dress to make a woman like me feel all girlie and chic at the same time. RED Valentino always gives me the feeling of posh elegance while also reminding me that girls really do run the world.

Here are some of my favorite styles I found at Neiman Marcus.

Ford Fusion 2013 Hybrid - AutomotiveSTYLE

Have you seen this car on the road and thought, "Hey...that reminds me of something I saw on the runway during Milan Fashion Week."? No? Well, since that's how my mind works, that's exactly what I thought when I had the opportunity to drive the Ice Blue 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid!

See the resemblance?

The Ford Fusion...especially in this color reads cool, calm, collected and most of all stylish, just like (left to right above) Prada, Blumarine, Giorgio Armani, Luisa Beccaria and Emporio Armani. Since the colors from the Runway so easily translate to AutomotiveSTYLE in this case, they are equally as fabulous!

Although I wasn't present for the initial launch in Santa Monica, in addition to driving this baby around for a week, I did get an up close a personal view a few months ago. During the Random Acts of Fusion kickoff event in Times Square NYC with Ryan Seacrest where a Ford Fusion was given away, I knew then and there this car would be a big seller for Ford. They even gave away more Fusions as part of the campaign!  Hey, if you didn't know, Ford's community service efforts deserve a standing ovation...just like the final model walk at every Chado Ralph Rucci fashion show I've ever attended.  Simply fabulous dahling!

About the Ford Fusion Hybrid:
  • The gas engine and electric motor combine to deliver a maximum 188 net horsepower
  • Travel under light to normal acceleration up to 62 miles per hour on electric power alone
  • Gas engine kicks in extra power when needed, such as when passing or merging
  • Recycles energy to recharge hybrid battery
  • Regenerative Brake System helps minimize wear on brake pads to help lower maintenance cost
  • Blind Spot Information System designed to detect vehicles entering blind spots and alerts you with an indicator light in the sideview mirror (Meanwhile, I love this so much, I believe ALL cars should be required to have this safety feature!)

DIOR Rules

It's crazy that I'm so fashionably tuned in...even subconsciously...  that last night I was so fabulously awakened from sleep at around 2am by this commercial. Do you not love?!? DIOR rules!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Cat's Meow

This summer it's all about the cat eye shades! Everyone from Steven Madden to Tom Ford has a pair and since this style of eyewear was mainly popular in the 1950's and 60's and worn by some of the most fashionable women, like Audrey Hepburn it's only right that they make a comeback!

I went all the way retro (on the left) with the glasses instead of shades and snagged these on the streets of SOHO last weekend. Then (on the right), these are my favorite cat eye sunglasses by Victoria Beckham. Tres' Chic!

You love them right? Well, if you're not near SOHO but you love the shape and are looking for a fab new pair of sunglasses for the summer, I've got you covered!  Check these out!

Tom Ford Sharp Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Looking for something a bit more "wallet friendly"? Try these...

Monday, July 8, 2013

LA Looks!

As my regular readers know, I was honored to attend the 2013 BET Awards in LA this year since Ford Motor Company sent me to the #FordHotSpot to cover the activities in their social media lounge  and I've talked quite a bit about that however, what I haven't yet discussed is my weekend of fabulous looks!

First and foremost...let me introduce you to my new brand...yup, I said mine.  Well, my family's as well as a few other partners' but none the less...mine! It's Stars N Stripes and I suggest you go ahead and follow us on Twitter right now! Launching later in the year, this menswear collection will be exactly what any stylish guy is looking for but right now, our unisex tee, was absolutely perfect for me. No?

A visit to LA means painting the town red and that's exactly what I did on the day before the awards. Wearing my China partner's brand Found Missing, which had such an awesome message on it.  The front reads, "Do You Truly Love Me" and the back references the scripture John 21:16...

...complimented by my fabulous Mel Shoes! Don't you simply love them?!? They are definitely the most stylishly comfortable jellies I've ever owned!

Now let's talk gowns and jewels. So, my red carpet dress for the awards was EVRYTHING!  I received so many compliments, I almost forgot for a moment that I was a member of the media and not a celebrity! The dress was designed by my friend Deneisha White of DENEISH in New York and I could not have chosen a better dress given the weather!

As far as my jewelry for the day is concerned, I had a mixture of Gawdy Bobbles 

and Shop Bevel. I wore these gold elephant earrings on the red carpet as well.

Both companies have styles to compliment any look and are luxurious way beyond their price.  Trust me, you would be pleasantly surprised shopping either of these sites.

Then for the Ford Media Lounge and official after party, it was back to Stars N Stripes.  This unisex tee is one of my favs as well. It's very rock n roll!

So as you can see, I officially rocked and it's all because of my partners and the brands who support the StyleMayvin movement. Thank you all for making me look so freaking fab!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Jaguar Drive Experience - AutomotiveSTYLE

Recently, I had the opportunity to go on a drive experience with Jaguar in New York and it was truly a great time!  I love driving different types of cars, especially fast ones and the F-TYPE did not disappoint! 

Jaguar has been at the forefront of aluminum car construction for more than a decade and continues to push the boundaries of the technology. The F-TYPE builds on this expertise and uses advanced techniques derived from the aerospace industry to contribute towards the car’s light, strong and rigid body structure. 

The cars themselves actually remind me of one of the most fabulous couture collections I've ever seen...namely, anything by Jean Paul Gauthier. It's all about being fierce, sexy and timeless!

The F-TYPE is engineered for high performance and instantaneously responsive handling: powerful, supercharged engines and a lightning-fast gearbox; lightweight aluminum body construction and an obsession with balance and proportion; a superb suspension and a host of advanced driving technologies; peerless design and a driver focused cockpit. Now that's what I call a run on sentance of fabulousness! Together they produce a uniquely connected driving experience, and a sports car that only Jaguar could create – ultra-precise, powerful, sensual and, most of all, alive.  And...could you image stepping out of an F-Type in a Jean Paul Gauthier original like this? I die just thinking about it!

So since it's available in three options, feel free to take your pick:

  • F-TYPE is designed to deliver pure driving pleasure. It combines effortless, exhilarating performance, instant response and precise agile handling, with everyday refinement and usability.
  • F-TYPE S adds greater power and an increased range of sophisticated performance technologies.
  • F-TYPE V8 S offers towering performance and even greater levels of dynamic ability and control. 

What more could you ask for?

I got to drive it...and so should you!

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

BET Awards + Samsung Galaxy Camera Review - TechSTYLE

I've been telling people about this fabulous camera I was given the opportunity to review but no one would believe just how awesome it really is...that is, until the BET Awards 2013.  The people sitting around me were literally jealous!

Ford Motor Company sent me to the #FordHotSpot to cover the activities in their social media lounge at the 2013 BET Awards, which was totally awesome and I had a wonderful time BUT...the show itself was electric this year!  Everything from the fashion to the musical performances had me in somewhat of a state of euphoria throughout the entire show.  I've already shared my favorite performances as well as my top red carpet looks so now it's time for me to finally share the photos I shots (before my battery died) with my Samsung Galaxy Camera during the show.  And let me just say, my seats were good...but not THIS good!

If these pictures don't make you want to own one for yourself, I don't know what will! And if you're interested in any of the shots, contact me via the "Contact Us" option above.  Seriously... I was even able to catch Miguel pre-split...or maybe it was post-split. LOL  Either way, this camera is a beast!

About the Samsung Galaxy Camera (Via AT&T):

  • Shoot and share like a pro with this Android™-powered 16MP camera with 4G connectivity. It’s easy to use so you can snap, edit, and instantly upload photos and videos to social media sites, email, and the Web. No more having to plug into a computer or other device to move your photos and videos for editing. With this all-in-one solution, you’re ready for action anytime.
  • The high-resolution 16MP sensor uses backside-illuminated (BSI) technology for improved low-light performance. The 21x range optical zoom lens goes from 23mm wide-angle to full telephoto. Switch from automatic to pre-set scene modes or to manual for complete control with easy on-screen adjustment. And when you’re ready to record video, you can shoot in stunning HD. You can even record at 120fps for great slow-motion shots.
  • Get ready to share your works of digital magic with the world. You can send photos and videos to social media sites, email, and the Web right from the Samsung GALAXY Camera™. You can store images in the cloud with AT&T Locker™. No wires. No cables. No hassle. And you can stay connected at 4G speeds.
  • The Samsung Galaxy listens to you. Simply tell it to zoom in or out, set the timer, and snap the photo when you’re ready. When editing, tell it to rotate, delete, and even share your photos. By responding to your commands to control settings, the Samsung Galaxy Camera takes care of the details to let you focus on subject and shot composition.

  • 3G: HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100
  • Display: 720 x 1280 pixels, 4.8 inches (~306 ppi pixel density) Corning Gorilla Glass 2
  • Camera: 16.3 MP, 4608×3456 pixels, autofocus, 21x optical zoom, pop-up Xenon flash, AF light, Video: Yes, 1080p@30fps, 768x512@120fps
  • OS: Android OS, v4.1 (Jelly Bean)
  • CPU: Quad-core 1.4 GHz Cortex-A9 GPU: Mali-400MP