Saturday, January 31, 2015


There aren't too many people I know who aren't in love with jeans...especially when they find their favorite jeans, with the perfect fit. In college, although I always dressed them up a bit more than may have been necessary, I wore jeans a lot! As the StyleMayvin in the making, this proved to be a very valuable trait. When you understand that jeans can be a great foundation to almost any look and you really know how to accentuate your best assets, you simply can't go wrong.
Back then, it was all about my Ann Taylor and DKNY jeans...don't judge, it's was the 90's. I graduated to D&G, Seven, Moschino (what a blast from the past), Rock and Republic and I can't my favs, Earl Jeans in the early 2000's. To say I had an obsession with denim would be totally accurate. At first glance I didn't think I would be into any of the "printed" styles but I was recently introduced to Figi Jeans and decided to make an exception.
Creative Director, Diane Carleton believes in "expressive art" and was inspired by the work of contemporary mixed media artist John Rossi. The outcome was the Figi Rossi collection and it is the perfect balance of art and fashion.

From a personal perspective, I love the hand of the fabrication and since I enjoy anything outside of the norm, the print is actually quite appealing. I'm not an exceptionally tall person however, in the past, I have found that some "skinny jeans" aren't long enough. Or at least they are not as long as I would like. Figi got the inseam just right! They are the perfect length to wear with any shoe from sneaker to stiletto.  My only complaint is that I should have selected one size smaller because they were a bit larger in the waist than expected but that's what happens sometimes when you don't have the opportunity to try things on in store first. Nevertheless, I am pleased with the look and can see myself styling this pair in may different ways!

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

2015 Subaru Legacy - AutomotiveSTYLE

Very often, I have the opportunity to test drive cars. And I should have put a HUGE exclamation point behind that statement because that is exactly how I feel each and every time a new car shows up in my driveway...and full of gas just ready for me to go exploring! As part of one of my absolute favorite categories to write about, AutomotiveSTYLE continues to be as exhilarating as it is stylish. So today, I introduce to you, the 2015 Subaru Legacy.

Let me first be honest in saying that I've never driven or been inside of a Subaru until now. My husband is obsessed with the Subaru WRX, mainly because it's super race car and I have yet to drive that one yet, but I'm sure it's coming. For the Legacy, I was not only surprised but actually quite intrigued by the styling of this car. First and foremost, they had me at Hello, when they decided to send me the car in Blue. Did they know this is my favorite color? I seriously doubt it but first impressions are everything so cudos on that Subaru!

From the sleek exterior design, attractive wheels for surefooted driving and all wheel drive (standard on every Subaru), this car is somewhat of a northern's winter dream. And southerners too considering how they drive in challenging weather. Hey, I'm just saying...and I'm a southerner by root so I know what I'm talking about...first hand.

One of my favorite features as part of this car's innovative technology is a little warning that's perfect for me as a multi-tasking mom. While sitting in the drive-thru of Wendy's getting a frosty with my daughter in freezing cold weather, we chatted about her day at school. Each time she said "and Mommy..." and attempted to show me yet another one of her stellar grades, while at a complete stop I felt comfortable enough to turn around and look. This little audible and visible warning, kept me from having other angry patrons in line behind me.

Clever right? I know. I thought so too. Meanwhile, there are so many other features to love about the legacy too!

  • Voice Activated GPS Navigation
  • Rear Vision Camera
  • Dual Zone Automatic Climate Control
  • Blind Spot Detection
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Pre-Collision Breaking
  • Lane Sway and Departure Warning
  • 36 MGP
This is probably one of the safest cars I've ever driven making the Subaru Legacy reliable, stylish (because being safe is always in style) and absolutely fun to drive.

Valentino Spring 2015 - Ads Galore

My obsession with ad campaigns continues...

All through my middle school, high school and college years, I've loved photography. I've been a self proclaimed amateur photographer since the days of my very first Polaroid that I received in 7th grade. Needless to say, I have more documented photo memories than all of my friends combined. Then, not only do I love to take nature, I love to be in them as well. "Pose for the camera now, click, click". love of fashion ad campaigns. My newest love...Valentino. It's ethereal. Simply perfection. And its all the magic of new talent Michal Pudelka of Slovakia, in his first International campaign.

LA...New Fashion Show Hot Spot?

Although I wasn't one of those who was surprised by the New York MBFW move from Lincoln Center, I must say that I was rather surprised by Dior's recent decision to show their Cruise 2015 collection in LA. Not that LA isn't relevant but would you say the city is more relevant than Tokyo or even Brooklyn...yes I said it...since these have been previous locations for Dior's shows.

 What I can say is that the House of Dior seems to be on a mission to surprise. The ever expected Paris venue seems to be replaced with many lesser known, exclusive runway locations. But let's be honest...does it really matter where they show? We'll be right there for every minute of it!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Jourdan Dunn + Vogue UK

Jourdan Dunn has become the first black model to grace a solo Vogue UK cover in twelve years. Yes, it's disheartening that's its taken so long to have another beautiful black model on the cover yet I am beyond excited for her. She certainly deserves it!

According to the Telegraph, Naomi Campbell was the last black model to get a solo feature in 2002 while Jourdan previously appeared on the cover in November 2008 along with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Eden Clark. The British beauty shared a preview of the image on her Instagram page earlier with the following caption: “I’m so Happy to finally say I’M ON THE COVER OF BRITISH VOGUE!!”. 

Jourdan was photographed by Patrick Demarchelier while wearing a Prada dress from the label’s spring-summer 2015 collection.

Get Winterized

Winter is officially here and although I'm not looking forward to a winter like we had last year on the east coast, I'm pretty sure we won't get away without some snow and rain. With that said, shouldn't you be style ready for the weather? Heck ya, you should! So here's a great list of "must haves" for you to add to you "gotta have" list.

You can never go wrong with Hunter boots. I love this shorter version... well as the classic look. Oh and don't forget the boot socks! Your tootsie will be super warm all winter long.

I've had and worn the Burberry plaid rain boot for years but this style is so super cute that it can be worn with almost any look. The Burberry Glossed-Rubber Rain Boot is a classic for sure.

Taking it back to the old school with these Bean Boots by LL Bean. Who didn't have a pair of these in their younger days? Well, now's the time to get a new pair. Since the holidays are over and the mad dash to grab a pair is over, you'll probably get lucky with no back order date.

And last but not least, need a hand made boot using a meticulous 150 step process? Oh yeah? Ok, well this Le Chameau is it. I'm loving the color as well as the stylish sole.

Now...go get winterized!