Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tidy Whities

Written By: StyleMayvin Staff Writer Shelby Christie

Winter whites are making an appearance this month on the red carpets. What is better than the perfect holiday pairing...Red and white! I spotted some of my fav looks and thought I would share them with all of my stylistas! I figured you could draw a little holiday fashion inspiration from these woman’s winter white looks…They aced it!

Gwyneth Patrol wore my absolute favorite look. At the premiere of her newest movie Country Strong, She sported a long sleek white dress by Emilio Pucci. It seemed ordinary from the front, but the back…ah, the back! The back of this dress is a contradiction to the front the dress! The dramatic backless laced-up, cut out bleeds all the way down Gwyneth’s leg. The statue-esque blonde looks stunning and the cut out reveal just enough leg to be sexy, without over-kill. She did a great job of choosing a look that would accentuate her height.

My next pick kept it simple when it came to wearing white. Beyoncé Knowles wore a white Antonio Berardi sheath. It displayed a modern spin on elegance. This ensemble is not as dramatic as the looks as we are used to seeing from Ms.Bey. I will chalk this demur look up to the fact that she was there to display the jewelry…Not her fierceness. I will say the dress hugged her curves in all the right places…it definitely flattered her figure.

Anne Hathaway wore my final favorite white look to the NY premiere of Love & Other drugs. It was frilly, girly-chic number by Valentino. She looked sweet and vintage in this dress. Lace detailing and a big bow amp up the girly volume on this dress and adds to the 60’s vintage feel of the look. This little dress packs BIG punch…Well done Anne!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Born To Be ME!

TODAY is my Birthday! The StyleMayvin has graced through another fabulous year and my readers know, I usually don't go all personal and mushy out here in cyber space but my friends know me better. So today...I feel like sharing.

December 13th is the day that I was literally and figuratively Born To Be ME!

This little 3 year old girl...already a Fashionista even before the word existed, was said to be just a bit different (but in a good way). She is Me.

The ABC outfit has to be my all time favorite! I'm told, I chose it myself because in 1977, bell bottoms and a high waist were all the rage. Not only was the look super-cute, the ABC message also showed that just a few days after my 3rd birthday (hence the traditional b-day photoshoot), I was just as cute as my new stylish look but more importantly (in my little girl voice) "I am smart..." proudly telling the photographer "I already know my ABC's". Hair positioned and properly coiffed by my Mom, a classic stylista in her own right (I learned from the best) and fully accessorized with my new gifts-- a beautiful necklace, bracelet and ring. I must say, I admire this child.

I always looked at this picture and wondered if "the little girl" was happy the day of this shoot (the first of many to come) because of the rigid stance and smile-less look on her face but now, as I look closer, I see a DREAM in her eyes... not to mention a wonderful attempt at a straight-faced, just-a-hint-of-teeth look (LOL...she totally perfects it later)... and I smile a huge toothy grin. Forever a BIG dreamer and apparent lover of all things fashion, I wish I could whisper in her ear, assuring her (in my big girl voice) "everything turns out EXACTLY as you dreamed it would. Oh and one more little secret...it just keeps getting better as the years go by!

Happy Birthday to Me!

Christian Louboutin Spring 2011

By: StyleMayvin Staff Writer Shelby Christie

Christian Louboutin has put fourth some of the most memorable footwear of all time. His shoes may just be the most recognizable in the world…So much so he decided to trademark his signature “red bottom”. Christian Louboutin has made his Spring/Summer 2011 collection available for all of us stylistas to enjoy! I took a look and thought I’d share my top picks with you…

In FIRST place is a pump that is just as elaborate as its name. The Samira Strass 100MM is a four inch blue pump. It is described as “Jewelry for the foot”. I absolutely love it because it is so funky and unique that ANY women can make it wearable. I refer to it as “the chameleon” shoe. It will conform to the style of each woman that wears it! There is a waiting list for this one…but it is expected to be available no later than December 12th 2010 for $3,095! Dear, Santa….
In SECOND place is a fierce 6 inch platform pump…sling-back of course darling! The Lady Peep Sling 150MM is a dipped in a nude colored glitter. This shoe is every gals dream! This shoe appeared last spring in a pump, now Louboutin has brought her to us in a sling-back. I love the height of this shoe; it gives drama to any look. Plus it is party dress approved…just in time for New Years! You can have this FAB pair of pumps for $895 at ChristianLouboutin.com.
Now, I am a faithful “Boot girl”! I love boots…in all shapes, sizes, and suede! So my THIRD place pick is, of course, a cute military-style bootie. The Loubout 100MM is a 4 inch, cotton canvas masterpiece. Its shimmery fabric and silver facets make it fun and flirty for spring. The cotton canvas is a plus also for the weather transition…cotton breathes and the peep-toe will make it easy for you to show off those summer time pedicures! These can be on your feet for $895. OH! Louboutin suggests you go up a half-size when purchasing these…looks like they tend to run a teeny bit small.

A pair of Christian Louboutin’s in your closet is like a cherry on top of a sundae…hints the “red bottom”!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fake = FAUX Fabulous

What if you were the owner of one of the following brands: Gucci, Fendi, Coach, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Tory Burch, Marc Jacobs, Yves Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Jimmy Choo or Chloe? Would you like to see your company's percentage of 20 Million American dollars simply disappear? I. THINK. NOT.

Purchasing fake or counterfeit products of any kind is FAUX fabulous! Period.

For years, Harper's Bazaar has been working to expose criminal activities connected to the sale of counterfeit products through an initiative called "Fakes Are Never In Fashion™". Now, I know that most designer handbags are out of the realm of affordability for most but that's ok, as you all know, StyleMayvin is more about the actual design and style of an item versus the label and price. If you are in the tax bracket that can afford to purchase $1000+ handbags, by all means, go for it!!! However, if not, don't assume that purchasing a "look-a-like" will be just as good because it wont. Did you know that the sales from fake products fund sweat shops, drug cartels, child labor and sometimes even terrorism? I didn't know that myself but thanks to a recent email we received, StyleMayvin is now In the KNOW...

And...now that you KNOW too, here's a great way to do your part!

  • Don't purchase fakes. Simple.

  • Support your favorite designers by learning how to spot a fake. I've been told that even upscale shops have been guilty of selling counterfeit products. *Clutches Pearls*
  • KNOW your product. Do the research and be aware of where the label stitching should be, if the logo should be on the metal parts of the bag like the zipper, snaps or buckle among other signs of authenticity.

  • Beware of online auction scams. I personally don't purchase what I cannot see prior to spending my money unless it's from a reputable site.
  • Remember, if the price is too good to be true...it probably is.

  • And lastly...if you want to be a concerned citizen and blow the whistle on an operation you have first hand knowledge of, report it at http://www.fakesareneverinfashion.com/

So now that you KNOW... What will you do?

Photo Credits: FakesAreNeverInFashion

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Velvet Balzer - Key Piece #1

There are few fashion items that are able to go from day to night successfully and not look "overworked" but a velvet blazer definitely falls in the NOW and LATER category.

You probably have a really cute cocktail dress in your closet that this blazer would complement for a night out on the town or dinner with the girls. Or...maybe that pair of boyfriend jeans and a lightweight sweater during the day? Either way, I have three fab jackets for you in a variety of price ranges to fit any budget.

The first adds a little dazzle to your look. The Juicy Couture Velvet Blazer ($298) is a classic cut with a little something extra that you'll enjoy having in your closet for years to come.

Many times as a taller woman I have problems finding blazers with sleeves that are not 3/4 length...on purpose. When I want my sleeve to hit right at the wrist or beyond, I turn to Banana Republic. They have a great selection of "tall" items on line but that still fit a small frame with sizes ranging from 2-16. I simply love the tailored silhouette of this Banana Republic Velvet Blazer ($175).

The final price point ($98) is this beautiful Velvet Blazer from Gap. The pushed sleeves is the perfect look for the day.
And...you you want to add a little more spice, pick up a velvet blazer in a jewel tone color. I simply adore a fabulous emerald green one I purchased at H&M years ago. Such a classic piece will never wear out it's welcome in my closet.

Stay tuned for more Key Pieces to make you and your wardrobe camera ready both night and day!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2010

As a former special events and fashion show production company owner, I appreciate the major production efforts that go into creating the Annual Victoria Secret Fashion Show. For those who are event novice and have never been a part of the fashion industry on a serious level, the chaos and the glamour seems like a lot of fun and it is...on some levels. My old partners (G,B and A plus 1) know like I know that you have to be a really special type of person to actually LOVE this stuff and want to do it again year after year, month after month and event after event. So...I'm dedicating this post to the wonderfully, creative and talented men and women who literally make the show happen.

Do you know this name? Jermaine Brown... He is the Choreographer for the 2010 VS Fashion Show, a title he has held for 3 years running. Check out his bio and reel showing his work and accomplishments at http://www.jermainebrowne.com/. Seriously, this man is truly talented. CONGRATULATIONS on another job well done with the VS Fashion Show! Smooches!

Hector Lopez, Editor for the VS Fashion Show is beyond awesome! His resume speaks for itself but I just had to throw out yet another name of a behind the scenes crew member who makes this show a huge success. Cudos to all!

Ok...so now that I've gotten a couple of shout-outs taken care of and trust me, there are many more people who have worked on the VS Fashion Show making it a spectacular event but I would be remiss not to mention my top three looks! Plus, I gotta stay true to the StyleMayvin vow to keep you In the KNOW... So, here they are!

My Favorite VS Angel - Chanel Iman!

She rocked the glittery gold runway with fabulous white wings but most importantly wearing my #1 BEST LOOK of the show...a 25 pound pair of Bubble Wings! LOVED IT!!!

My #2 Pick is Alessandra Ambrosia who is also my second favorite VS Model. She totally rocked the opening of the "Wild Things" segment with this look!

Rounding out my TOP 3 is Karolina Kurkova in Peacock Feathers.

As you can see by my list, I am a huge fan of the wings. Out of the 34 models, only 21 get to wear the infamous wings! What you have to remember is drama in a show like this is the key. It's not your straight runway, NY Fashion Week type show...this show is total entertainment.

Did you miss it? Well, here's a few highlight videos for your enjoyment. You can thank me later...