Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Sally Hansen Nails - Product Review

My friends at Sally Hansen sent over a few nail polishes for me to try out! Yaaay!

I'm in love with both the Gem Crush and Magnetic colors already!

From Gem Crush, I've played around with this version...

And received lots of compliments on this one...

Meanwhile, my 7 year old daughter is in love with the purple polish...of course.

Thus far, I've noticed the Gem Crush colors look awesome after applying only two coats! However, this style is not so easy to remove...Just takes a bit of elbow grease but hey, with such an interesting texture given all the glitter, that's to be expected and is honestly well worth it to achieve the look!

With MBFW fast approaching, I'm finding it quite difficult to decide which fabulous color to wear! Maybe I'll just change it daily! But for today...I'm thinking the Magnetic "Kinetic Copper" Would be the perfect look!

Brown Baggin It

Ok...who's ready for a $290 brown bag?

Jill Sander is selling this "brown bag"...or rather WAS selling this bag for a whopping $290! I say "was" because it's already sold out at Jill Sander's SoHo location. Oh and technology won't help you out this time because you can't find it online either! Apparently all of the cool, fashionable folks have already snatched them up.

So, you can look at this one of two ways. 1. Excessive and useless fashion or 2. Save the environment! No more need to recycle brown bags and instant status changer. You decide.

And while you're at it, consider the black leather version for $630

What do you think?

Time Is Of The Essence

When I think about purchasing timepieces, the decision is not only about the glitz and glamour of the watch but also the functionality and durability. Sure it should be an attractive adornment for your arm but what can your watch really do? Check out Richard Mille Watches!

Is your timepiece water resistant like this Richard Mille Diver?

I'm always fascinated by what watch fanatics look for in a watch. My hubby is one of those people who actually has a fancy wooden storage box for his watches but this one looks as if it needs a separate display case of its own! So if glitz and glamour is your thing, this is the perfect piece! Wouldn't you agree?

Now...If you're ever in search of a luxurious sports watch, Richard Mille watches found on the Official Watches website is the best place to start. The more you search the site, the more you'll fall in love!

Are you a big dreamer or if you can already afford a watch that's worthy of a Robb Report review? Then this is the one stop shop for you!

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Classic Chloe'

I absolutely never tire of Chloe' handbags! Actually, I can't say that I get tired of anything Chloe' to be honest but this season's handbags have so much style and character yet are simple and timeless enough to wear everyday for like ever...I couldn't resist sharing.

My fav...Marcie Chloe' Shoulder Bag (Medium)

I also love...

Chloe' Faux-Leather Bowling Bag

Chloe' Marcie Pouchette Crossbody Bag

Chloe' Marcie Hobo

Photo Credit: Neiman Marcus

Thursday, August 23, 2012


When you work hard at your dreams and giving up is never an option, an opportunity for success will always present itself.
Introducing FLAUCY Fits and FLAUCY Queens...

This season, at the MAGIC Trade Show in Las Vegas, which just wrapped up yesterday, there was a new designer who for his first time showing, made a huge splash in the urban fashion waters. Could it be that we're looking at the next Karl Kani? No disrespect to Karl but I'm thinking Nate Willis is a new and improved short, he's a very creative man.

Seen above with hip hop mega star Swiss Beatz (left), Nate (right) explains the concept behind his designs. Developing the brand ranging from tees to fitted caps and cut and sew, he has racked up quite a following including Drake, who wore the signature "Owl" tee to last years BET awards and Sean Kingston (seen below) just to name a few.

My favorite look from the women's collection?

Yup...Paired up with my best fitting Cavalli jeans, a super sexy heel and I'd be ready for a night out with my girls! The nostalgia in the design of this top is both vintage and trendy. It's definitely a dress it up or down type piece.
So, what happens when you become MAGIC's rookie of the season? You draw massive crowds of people who all want to be FLAUCY...

...and watch the fruits of your labor start piling up. Congrats Nate! Go get 'em!
Find out more about FLAUCY Fits Clothing by visiting the website, follow on Facebook and Twitter @FLAUCYfits. Look out for it coming to a store near you!
And be sure to always Stay In the KNOW...with StyleMayvin

Just Like MAGIC

When I was a retail buyer years ago, the MAGIC Trade Show was the place to be. When I did marketing and events for national publications, MAGIC was the place to be. As a style blogger, journalist on all things fabulous and on air host...well, you know the drill... MAGIC is the place to be!

Where else on earth can you write orders...

Get a tattoo...

Learn all about the latest and greatest Pantone colors of the season...

Check out a haute car in a supped up booth...

Enjoy a fashion show that could almost rival MBFW...

See an artist spray painting over license plates...

AND...catch a glimpse of the iconic fashion industry leader, Betsy Johnson all in just three days?

If you're into fashion and entertainment, no matter the capacity, this is a not-to-be-missed semi annual event!

Yesterday (Wednesday) was the last day of the show but don't fret, you haven't missed your chance to be a part of the "in-crowd" forever. Each year in February and August, icons and trendsetters alike gather to show off their designs to buyers, journalists, entrepreneurs and even rival companies. But it's not all business all the, this industry is much too cool for all that. It's like a three day party in one of the most exciting cities in the world! Vegas baby!

Well...truth be told. Lots of work does actually go on too but whether you're a new buyer just starting out...

An emerging designer...

...or a company that has a few years under it's belt...

There's definitely a level of excitement that makes the show floor all abuzz, providing an experience like none other.

With all of the celebrity sightings, company dinners, industry parties and the ingeniously creative booth designs, this trade show is simply exhilerating and could never be accused of being "all work and no play"! I mean, you can even get your nails done! Cool right?

As always the trade show is categorized based on design genre and consists of WWD MAGIC, FN Platform (one of my favorites because it's all about shoes), Pool Trade Show, Street, SLATE, Project and the new kid on the block this season, Sourcing @ MAGIC.

Now they've even got you covered on fabrications imported from all over the world! Oh and fyi...they have hangtags for your garments too...just take your pick!

Honestly...what more can you ask for?

MAGIC February 2013...who's gonna meet me there?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Creating Tradition

You know how they say "diamonds are a girls best friend"? Well, I say, why stop there? How about including any and all luxurious jewels in that "best friend" category?
Eternity rings are a new fav on my wish list of must have items and one of the best places to get them is Just can select Pepper Pink Eternity Rings personalized with your birthstone. Topaz is mine, just in case any of my readers are feeling generous.
White Gold Blue Topaz Full Eternity Ring

This style is great for "stacking" to add a lot of extra bling to your finger. It can be worn separately for a more classic look or paired with a matching Blue Topaz Ring like this one.

You simply can't go wrong with the elegant look and styling of an eternity ring. Because these rings have so many meanings and can vary by culture, they make the perfect gift for someone you love or even for yourself. As a wedding band, it symbolize the eternal circle of love and life. In essence, it's one continuous circle of precious metal that can never be broken. Isn't that beautiful? Matter of fact, I think I'll add this to my 19th Wedding Anniversary gift wish list for next year!
Needless to say, I'm obsessed for sure! Just think of all the possibilities and combinations you can create given the options Pepper Pink offers!

Want a vintage feel? Try one of these. It looks like it could have been a family heirloom so why not start the tradition?

And I must say, if you want something that's totally unique, yet beautifully designed, the White Gold Full Eternity Black Diamond Ring is the ultimate! Speechless!

I would proudly wear any of these beauties. Wouldn't you? Check out all of the wonderful designs today at
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Chevrolet Sparks My Senses - AutomotiveSTYLE

Rarely do I attend a drive event without being asked, "So, what interests a fashion blogger as it relates to cars?" and my answer is always the same. For me..."it's all about style". Cars are stylish too right? I mean, if they weren't, who would the customer be?

Yesterday I had the awesome opportunity to hang out with the Chevrolet team for their 2013 Spark Media Drive Event - NYC. Of course, the official event photographer caught me and my drive partner for the day Rey, journalist for Rides Magazine checking in.

The day proved to be quite an interesting trip. Since facilitating a press drive event in NYC can't be the easiest thing, I was intrigued to see how it would all pan out.

Two of my favorites simply based on color alone was the "Techno Pink" and "Jalapeno". I had the opportunity to drive them both...Techno Pink with automatic transmission and Jalapeno with manual transmission. Yes...diva's drive "stick shift" too.

During the walk around I learned about all the cool features "millennials", the target audience for the Spark, would be into. Most of the info is embargoed for bit but what I can tell you is that the styling and interior designs of the car including the tech capabilities coupled with the fun nature and exterior color offerings, will surely attract a large percentage of the customers it's being marketed to.

Now...back to the drive experience.

The first stop was a former candy store turned "kitschy sound stage", Pete's Candy Store in Brooklyn (Williamsburg). We ran into MTV prepping for a taping and proceeded to invade their space a little...I just couldn't help myself!

Next up...Momofuku Milk Bar, an awesome little bakery bringing back the novelty of enjoying the timeless taste of milk and cookies with bit of extra flair. After a quick snack, it was definitely time for another photo opp with the stylish little Spark.

For me personally, the best stop was the last one. Bond no. 9 in NoHo.

I'm usually not that big on fragrances with the exception of my staple scents but this place holds the key to a number of really "unique smells". And with the assistance of one of the boutique's "master blender" associates, you can even create your own fragrance.

I fell head over heels in love with Master Blender James! How could I not? Just check out his shoes and our matching "I'm-Too-Fabulous" facial expressions! I'm telling you ladies, when you visit the Bond Street location, this is the man to see!

At the end of the day, new friends were made, new experiences appreciated and my senses were officially "Sparked". Thanks Chevrolet for fully embracing AutomotiveSTYLE with StyleMayvin!