Friday, March 29, 2013

Mr. Bentley - AutomotiveSTYLE

I attended quite a few events leading up to the New York International Auto Show (NYAIS) press preview days but one in particular really had attendees excited. From being able to experience the Bentley up close and personal to the awesome celebrity performance...this was certainly one of the best.

StyleMayvin made the exclusive invite list and the door men were, shall we say, quite strict.

Once inside, the full experience began. Guests were able to chat with Bentley executives, check out the unique colors and styles selected for the interiors and of course, have a few drinks.

And since I've never met a Bentley I didn't like, I was more than excited for the big reveal of the new Flying Spur!

Can you see the excitement on my face?!?

After salivating over this gem of a vehicle, Bentley's event planners made sure that guests were able to cap the night off in style. Enter... Solange.  Although not familiar with all of her music and this having been the very first time I've seen her in "mini concert", I can say that she was beyond entertaining with a stage presence and confidence strong enough to rival anyone in the industry. 

It was a great night and the perfect combination of AutomotiveSTYLE and music.

Stay tuned for all of my upcoming photo coverage from NYIAS!

*Photo Credit: idmphotography

I'm A Bond Girl

Are you a Bond girl? Not sure? Well, here's how you can find out for sure... Do you love  Bond No. 9 Eau de Parfum? Have you ever had an out of body experience at the Bond No. 9 store? Are you obsessed with the new Bond No. 9 Central Park scent? If you've answered YES to any of these questions, you're definitely a bond girl.

Is this not the prettiest bottle for spring? I mean really! I would want it for that reason alone! Wouldn't you? And just wait until you smell it! What an experience...

Meanwhile...if you want the Swarovski flower bottle version...just because you are that fabulous, it's available at Beautiful!


Lexus GS 350 F Sport - AutomotiveSTYLE

As soon as I laid eyes on the "riviera red" Lexus GS 350 F Sport in my driveway, I knew that this was going to be one heck of a stylish good time.

The sleek sexy lines reminded me of a beautiful Joanna Mastroianni gown I saw on the runway in February at NY Fashion Week...

Just like this exquisite gown, the GS 350 is haute from every angle! And the grill... to me just another reminder of the cross over automotive has within the fashion industry and it again speaks directly to Joanna's designs. See the resemblance in the colors and lines?

Now, not only did I look stylish driving "Leanna Lexus" all week (we totally complemented each other) but I also found that there were more than a few things I loved about her. Just check the interior...what's not to swoon over?

The leather was supremely subtle and comfortable. I could sleep in there!  Well, not behind the wheel of course... but that just speaks to the coziness of this car and that's not always easy to find in a "sportscar". The GS 350 is the best of both worlds!  And since I'm one of those girls who likes to really DRIVE a car, the GS didn't disappoint. The stats speak for themselves:
  • 306 horsepower
  • 0 - 60 in 5.7 seconds
  • 28 MPG rating (HWY)
  • Dynamic Rear Steering
  • Exclusive interior & exterior styling
So, if you're looking for just the right amount of sex appeal and a car with a drive so swift and smooth that you'll need to steer clear of any and all law enforcement officers...look no further!
*Starts at $52,940 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Got Envy? - TechSTYLE

Recently, I had the opportunity to experience the new HP Envy X2 but not only was it an awesome lesson in technology, it was also a lesson in style and design...two of my favorite things! The adventure culminated at Dwell Studio in Soho.

Just to be able to hang out in such an inspiring space was enough to tickle me pink. Yes...even at 9am! (That's me in the pink jacket getting my social media always)

And what a beautiful space Dwell Studio is!

Who's the fabulous designer of these awesome pieces, you ask? Meet Christiane Lemieux! Oh and please do stay tuned for my interview with her, coming soon!

Feeling very inspired, being surrounded by some the most beautiful interior designs I've ever seen and enjoying a stylish breakfast... well, let's just say HP made my morning.

 I mean...what's a great start to an awesome day without a mimosa?

After a little mix and mingle with fellow journalists, designers and other style influentials, we were finally about to be introduced to the HP Envy X2..."TechSTYLE" at it's finest!

All of the attendees having been tasked with bringing photos that resonated with them and inspired the feeling of Spring, and after listening to Christiane speak on her creative process, we were all ready to make our own unique "pieces". As you can see, opening the HP box was for me... like Christmas morning. Hey...what can I say? I love being a stylish techie!

After a few clicks on the "touch screen"...

...and a little input from the professionals...

All of the collages we made using our inspiration pix and the HP Envy X2 came out fabulously!

And of StyleMayvin moment would be complete if I didn't take the stage at some point! I loved sharing my ideas and the duality of being able to use the Envy X2 as a tablet as well, made my presentation super easy and fun!

So, if you're still debating whether or not you need the Envy X2 in your life...well, let me put the top coat on your nail polish for ya... It's easy to use, stylish and lightweight to carry AND it has the power of 2 devices in one... a little something we in the fashion industry like to call a "two-for" (a two for one deal). SOLD! I've got mine and it's a keeper for sure...Thanks to my friends at HP!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Ready with Gucci

Every year, without fail, Gucci wows me with their selection of sunglasses. From aviators to oversized Jackie O type spectacles, I swoon over each and every one!

Gucci - Open Temple Square Black

Gucci - Oversized Square Web Logo (Red)

Gucci - Crystal Temple Aviator 

Gucci - Oversized Square Diamond Pattern

That's funny... I just had the overwhelming urge to go shopping. You?

*All Styles available at
Photo Credit: Neiman Marcus

An "Almost" Review - TechSTYLE

Last week, Samsung Electronics announced the fourth generation GALAXY S... the GALAXY S 4. 
With the design goal of getting you closer to what matters in life and bring your world together, this just might be the new "must-have" in terms of technology.

Although I missed this event and have not yet been able to complete a extensive "TechSTYLE" review for the unit (which I'm sure I'll be afforded the opportunity to do very soon), I still wanted to introduce it to my readers. So... as per Samsung:

"Understanding what matters most to us in our lives, the Samsung GALAXY S 4 was developed to redefine the way we live and to maximize our fulfillment of life. This sleek and innovative smartphone makes every moment of life very meaningful; it understands the value of relationships, enabling true connections with friends and family.  It believes in the importance of an effortless user experience, making your life easy and hassle-free; and, it empowers your life, helping take care of your well-being.

The beauty of the phone is the highly crafted design encompassing a larger screen size and battery, minimized bezel, all housed in a light (130g) and slim (7.9mm) shape. The Samsung GALAXY S 4 is slimmer yet stronger, with less to hold yet more to see. It has come up with simply unreal beauty. At launch, two color options will be available - Black Mist and White Frost, with a variety of additional color options to follow later this year."

I'm loving the style element thus far. Can't wait to get my hands on one!

Enter MyStyleLab

Since I know that the StyleMayvin website it perused by stylish women of many different ages, I was absolutely certain the Teen Vogue's new expansion into apparel would be of interest. Seriously...after 10 years of successful publishing targeted at fashion savvy girls coupled with a partnership with Macy*s... what could go wrong?

Launched exclusively in Macy's mystylelab department, discerning teenage fashionistas will be able to shop the latest trends from the combined eye of Macy's and Teen Vogue. Now, I'm not a teenager by any stretch of the word but these two are my favorite looks. And yes, I would wear either of the proudly!

Why would Teen Vogue venture into an actual clothing line now? Well...and I quote:

“We are very excited to be expanding Teen Vogue even further with our collection for mstylelab. As part of our Brand Everywhere approach, we've created a fashion line that really resonates with our style-obsessed audience," says Teen Vogue Editor In Chief, Amy Astley. “We've had terrific success with our branded mobile game, Teen Vogue Me Girl and with our bedding collection, so apparel was the next logical step and Macy's is the ideal partner."

Curated by the editors at Teen Vogue, the collection embraces the brand’s signature quirky-chic accents, offering a variety of trend-forward silhouettes, bold prints and bright colors. Filtered through a fashionable lens, “Teen Vogue” will feature maxi dresses, jumpsuits, printed leggings, short dresses, chambray shirts, bandeaus, shorts, bralettes, jackets and tanks. This spring, the brand will focus on five key trends: bejeweled, neon, sheer, vests and denim dressing. With an eclectic mix of pieces, this collection will allow for creativity and individuality when dressing. Continuing throughout the year, approximately 15 new pieces will rotate onto the floor every month, offering up-to-the-minute fashion for style setters. Available in approximately 150 Macy’s stores nationwide and on, “Teen Vogue” will be priced from $20 to $60.

Not sold yet? Just take a look at this!

Admit know you want it!  These looks simply scream SPRING! The collection will be available in approximately 150 Macy’s stores nationwide and on this month.

Wanna attend an exclusive event?

3/30-Union Square (San Francisco, CA)
4/6-Willowbrook Mall (Houston, TX)
4/20-Victoria Gardens (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)
4/27-Aventura Fashion Store (Miami, FL)