Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hot Pants That Really Sizzle

This look, like most trends, isn't meant for everyone but I have to say that I love it! The vintage inspired panty worn as outer wear might seem a bit much to most and I'm not sure if I would personally be "allowed" to sport it anywhere other than maybe a runway but I AM sure that I could pull it off in almost any setting!

We first began to see this look in Spring 2010 but you must be a very confident personality to wear them. And guess what? The designers loved the look so much they've even given us a couple of options on "Hot Pant" styles. The High-Waisted hot pant is a personal favorite because it shows off the sexiest of legs giving a WOW factor and is also high enough to control the tummy when needed. Then there's the mid-cut hot pants which starts just below the belly button. Although it's a really great complementary piece when merchandised properly, I still prefer the dramatic look of the high-waist version.

Now that we are officially into fall, it's time to put our hot-pants away but just for a time. Next Spring, pull them out again...some designers have already shown them as part of their looks for Spring 2011 with a more romantic flair. Don't you just love re-merchandising? It's almost like reinventing yourself and I'm always excited to create some new, fabulous look each season!

Queen B & T.Strong - CNCFW

I had a wonderful time talking to the celebs back stage at Charlotte Fashion Week. The Lil Kim footage is one of my favorites! It's entertaining and funny and not just because I had to take off my 5" heels while talking with her. LOL. Check it out!

Charlotte Fashion Week - 2010

This year was my inaugural appearance at Charlotte, NC Fashion Week. Not having attended before, I wasn't really sure what to expect but I must say, I had a fantastic time! It definitely doesn't hurt when you're honored to sit in the front row for each and every show either... My interns and I were front and center for all of the fashions shown from NC and beyond. A very special thanks to the Founder of CNCFW, Anthony Simons and Plitz Fashion Marketing for everything.

Here's a great recap written by one of my Interns/Assistants and StyleMayvin Staff Writer Shelby Christie. I truly love my interns and their writing so keep reading and enjoy!

Charlotte’s Fashion Week at its Finest

Charlotte’s third annual Fashion Week kicked off Thursday Sept. 25th, and boy was it a feast for the eyes! It took place at the Urban Garden in the Bank of America building, located uptown. The venue was beautiful and befitting; The Urban Garden was an interpretation of a modern garden amongst a metropolis setting, a perfect backdrop for the show…Yet it paled in comparison to the Fashions! The looks I enjoyed most on this day were presented by O1NE Boutique. They were first up to rock out the runway, and their garments were marvelous! O1NE’s style was a mix of skater fashion with high end tailoring and quality. It was quite refreshing to see a different approach to a genre of fashion that we tend to stereotype. I absolutely loved the spin on the old school Members-Only jacket. Owner Satish Cherian did a great job of displaying his skater-chic philosophy.

Reign fine apparel finished out the show with an array of gorgeous gowns and evening wear. I think it is safe to say that all the fashionistas in the crowd lusted after the same look I did…a bronze, sequined, back-less mini. You can never go wrong with that kind of get-up!

Friday’s fashions were just as fierce. My absolute favorite was a collection called Kotani Rae. The ENTIRE collection was spectacular! It was a tribal print inspired line that included vibrant colors and modern designs. The designer mentioned that she lives in Harlem NY, where she sees a lot of different Kente clothes. She said that this was what sparked her creativity and vision for the line.

Saturday was the last day of the fashion week events. The collection by a pair of designers based out NY, called Huckle and Gatsby offered great display of textures. Their line had an assortment of funky shades and tones of fabric. A collection by Bill Evans graced the runway and I absolutely adorned his well tailored trousers! Lil Kim also sent her new line of clothing down the runway for viewing. I liked the
intense structure of her garments. A lot of the pieces in her collection played with texture and shape. My favorite was a reptile dress with a fish tail detail down the back. All in all Fashion week was quite a treat…and I know all my stylistas will agree!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Colours to Complement

By StyleMayvin Staff Writer: Shelby Christie Colours to Complement

Being the Fashionistas that we are, we all know that style is not to be confined to just our garments… But should be translated throughout our overall look. Fall fashion has taken a fancy to the practical approach of finishing a look by adding nail color. Nail polish is a great way to pull together a look, by offering a visual display of your “quirkiness”. Painted nails are a great way to add a little bit of “you” to any look!

The autumn season is full of rich colors. Usually the shades of nature set the general tone for fall fashion, but this season has taken a turn for the better. Jewel tones are a great color palette to consider. One of my personal favs is turquoise! This allows you to easily transition from a playful summer shade to high luminosity fall tints. OPI offers an excellent hue called Cuckoo for Color. Hardware and metals are definitely in on the accessory front of fall fashion, so why not rock a set of punked-out pointers?!

A metallic shade will give a textured effect to your nails. For those of you, who may be a little leery of this bold move, just remember that metallic colors carry that feminine touch of sparkle we all love! A great beginner color for those of you interested in the metallic look is offered by Dior Vernis nail polish, called Black Sequins. The gun-metal shade is a bit softer than a pink or purple, yet the shimmer in the polish will offer some depth. You can find this polish at Nordstrom’s.

These next set of tones are both timeless and functional. Neutrals are the most versatile of the bunch this season because although they may not pack a lot of punch pigment wise, they are totally workable. You can sport these tints with almost any ensemble! Wear a neutral nail with a fun “out on the town” look to tone down or pull together a bunch of funky pieces… and get this, You won’t have to second guess yourself when you’re walking into the office the next morning. Your nails will be ready for that evening to office transition. Neutrals are definitely a no-fuss option. They are great for you busy gals as well; once you chip a nail, don’t worry!
Because these colors are flesh-toned you won’t have to slow down to do any touching up.

Fall is known for the depth of color it offers to us, and without a doubt purple is a great hue to display this; Designers, like Chanel and YSL, have offered up these regal shades on their runways and in their cosmetic lines. Purple is a great way to go! It is dark and rich which gives it that provocative look. It is also a great
alternative to a black polish because it adds that touch of majesty, minus the grunge. So next time you decide to add some colour in your life, don’t look any further than your fingers!

Milan Fashion Week! D&G

I absolutely loved the D&G Show during Milan Fashion Week! Watch it now to see why!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Who is Richard Nicholl?

Graduating from Central Saint Martin's MA only 8 years ago, Richard Nicholl has been continuously praised for his work. In the past 12 months, Nicholl has taken the position of Creative Director of Womenswear at Cerruti in Paris. In such a small amount of time he has definitely made his mark on the fashion industry; freelancing for March Jacobs at Louis Vuitton and securing celebrity clients for his own brand like Sienna Miller and Kiera Knightly.

I love his style and tenacity! He is a true example of how to go after what you know you deserve and in the fashion industry, it's not the easiest road to travel. To experience his Spring/Summer 2011 collection check out London Fashion Week's website.

Here are a few of my favorite looks.

Doing It The London Way...

The luxury fashion house that is Matthew Williamson does it again! His Spring/Summer showing at London Fashion Week gets rave reviews.

Since his infamous debut in 1997 during London's Fashion Week, Matthew Williamson has become a one of the UK's leading designer talents and is now an internationally renowned designer. Once the creative director at LVMH owned Italian house, Emilio Pucci, Matthew Williamson's current design house produces four women's wear collections annually.

If you want to experience fashion at it's finest in the states, visit the New York Flagship store at 415 West 14th Street or simply shop online! Gotta love the Internet right? How did we ever live without it?

Friday, September 17, 2010

Here Comes the Glitterati!

Do you LOVE Swarovski as much as I do? I mean really, there's nothing like adding a little (or even A LOT) of sparkle to your wardrobe and what's better...owning a one of a kind little black sparkly dress!

Swarovski Elelments has commissioned 22 of the biggest designer's in the industry to create a signature little black dress with, of course, a little Swarovski flair. On September 20th all of the dresses will be auctioned off at the New York Gallery of Phillips de Pury & Company located at 450 W 15th Street. Catherine Malandrino, Gianfranco Ferre', Sonia Rykiel, Thakoon and Valentino are just a few of the designers who have given of their time and talent for this event. 100% of the proceeds will be given to the American Cancer Society so, if you would like to view the dresses, they are already on display! The gallery is open from 10am to 6pm everyday until the 20th.

Phillips de Pury & Company was founded in London in 1796. It is unique among three leading international auction houses for it's focus on contemporary art and culture.

L.A.M.B. S/S 2011 Fashion Show

Gwen Stefani's Spring Summer 2011 Collection, L.A.M.B. had her usual flair and style. I LOVED all of the colors and's so totally rock and roll! Here are a few photos of my favorite looks.

Michael Kors Spring/Summer 2011

My most favorite show from NY Fashion Week! ENJOY!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

All the Trimmings of Autumn

By: StyleMayvin Staff Writer Shelby Christie

The bells and whistles of Fall are nothing short of “rich”…Rich in color, rich in texture, and rich in hue. One of the most recognizable trends would have to be hardware. This is a great pick to add a little edge to any ensemble. Studs, chains, and metals incorporate color and texture into one, so they should be paired with subtle pieces. Hardware is all about contouring your look with contrast, feminine versus edge is a classic example. Try putting on a pair of leather studded hand gloves with your trench coat; you keep the feminine silhouette of the coat while gaining that extra “oomph” from the studded leather.

One of the most versatile and interesting hardware pieces I’ve seen out and about is the studded handbag. Stylist Rachel Zoe seems to agree with me on this one, she placed studded handbags on her “Top Ten Fall Must-Haves” in the current issue of InStyle magazine. Another great fall accessory, that I love to embrace, is a cocktail ring. These come in all kinds of colors and styles. Chunky, assorted rings can be paired with a sleek outfit to become a center piece. Refined, more structured rings can be worn with casual get-ups to sweeten things up. Cocktail rings tend to have that vintage feel; they always give you a timeless look. I spotted a great one in Melanie Lynn’s “Ring Eclectic” collection, available at Nordstrom’s. I loved the different hues and materials combined in the ring.

Now, for those who have been searching for that thing that will add the “va-va-voom” into your wardrobe, look no further than…the evening shoulder bag. These little bags pack a lot of punch; they can be cloaked in quirky patterns, lathered in metallic leathers, and even slathered in sequins. The Sequined shoulder bag has trumped them all this season; the sequins give the bag a liquid appeal. The bag will also provide an excellent texture contrast to the heavy wools and downs of the season. Although small, this shoulder bag is always eye catching, they help give a “going out” look to any outfit.
Fall has truly offered up a platter of perfection, we have all sorts of shades, sequins, and studs to choose from…But for those of us who don’t like to choose, let’s just add on all of the trimmings and trappings of Fall!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Tom Ford - Spring 2011

For the first time EVER, I have found a topic so fantastic that I had to write about it even without pictures!

The "no-photos-please", first womenswear collection fashion show to take place in the Tom Ford Menswear Madison Avenue store last night SOUNDS like one of the most posh events ever! Since there is no photo proof of the show and officially there won't be until January 2011, all I can do is recap...but as a die-hard Ford fan, I believe every word. The only photographer allowed inside was Ford's own go-to campaign photographer, Terry Richardson. The special invited guests consisted of the top Magazine Editors (of course Anna Wintour and Nina Garcia) and the truly "Who's Who" of the fashion world. AND... he used a few "personal friends" to model the fabulous looks. Wonder why Beyonce' wasn't in LA for the VMA's? Well, when asked if she had to think twice about walking in his show, she said "Absolutely not!" "Look at these clothes!", she laughed. Beyonce' modeled a beautiful Gold sequined dress.

I am never a fan of narrated Fashion Shows but if anyone could pull it off, Sir Tom would be the one! He even began each time with "Ladies and Gentlemen, I'd like to introduce..." He has officially broken the Fashion Show Mold! As he called out the name of each model, some of whom included Julianne Moore, Lisa Eisner (in a black feathered headdress) Amber Valletta and Lakshmi Menon (previous StyleMayin pick for Model of the Month), he gave a lively, detailed description with just a touch of "camp". Joan Smalls, apparently one of Ford's favorites in the show who reportedly wore an Afro to which Ford quipped, "And she just turned me straight..." ROTFLMBO...Gotta love him!

Ford said that each model was chosen because they are "women that inspired him" to model the clothes. I guess I'll have to wait until January to see the photos but here's a recap from those who attended as reported on From Jim Shi: "[An] emphasis on form in the leopard pantsuits, suede trench, cobalt blue silk fringe column, deep olive shirt, leather biker jacket . . . a lot of silk georgette, 18kt gold, hand painted python, lots of fringe." From Nina Garcia: "Clothes very specialized as well as accessories. 18k gold cuffs. Tailored suits over the moon red carpet and cocktail dresses." From Joe Zee: "Silk fringe gown, crisp tuxedos in blk and white, leopard pantsuits, corsets under peekaboo gowns and lace kneeboots." And from Cathy Horyn: "[The collection was] the height of glamour — sharp pantsuits in black silk or a leopard pattern, gorgeous black evening clothes with sheer blouses, corsets and maybe a shrug in shredded tulle, impeccable details like hammered gold jewelry, stilettos with ankle ties and seamed black stockings."

White Carpet Fashion - 2010 VMA's

Tonight's 2010 VMA performances were rather "interesting"... From Justin Bieber in the pre-show, Eminem's opening performance with Rihanna and the always stylish Mary J Blige performing with Drake and Swizz Beats, it seems that by all accounts this year was a pretty good showing of talent. But...of course, the most important thing to all my fabulous friends and followers was The White Carpet! Who wore what/whom and was it a hit or a miss? Those are the pressing questions of the evening!

Before I get into the fashion piece, I have to talk"beauty" for just one moment... Can you say "Loved Katy Perry's nails"? She literally had her husband-to-be's face on each nail! Funny!!!

Since I'm such an Alexander McQueen fan as is Lady GaGa, I have to say, this dress from his Last Ever Collection is perfect for the drama of the VMA's. I could have lived without the "head dress" but then again, only GaGa can pull that off. And not only did she have numerous wardrobe changes throughout the evening (as expected), she also cleaned up in the awards department. Congrats!

Another one of my favorite looks for evening was Ciara in head to toe Givenchy. This revealing black dress is a little risque but I think she pulls it off perfectly and of course, it's right on trend with feathers and lace. Love it!

Now here's one that I thought was totally adorable and very "rocker chic". Made completely of plastic bags from Home Depot, this brought me back to my college fashion show days of aluminium foil and colorful saran-wrap, however if memory serves, our creations were not exactly this fabulous. Love this look on Ke$ha! Work that ponytail mama!
I also really like Eva Marcille in a beautifully colored mini. She's getting to be a regular on my favs list these days!

So often the VJ's and Corespondents' fashion is overlooked but since that's one of the things I love to do most, RED CARPET REPORTING (Hint, Hint) I thought it befitting to shout out Suchin Pak. Here she is in a not yet glammed up, pre-show photo wearing a long, black, beaded dress from none other than H&M! Gotta love that store! She actually did a promo online to help her choose between three really cute looks from H&M (shown) and the dress in the middle, "Retro Classic" was the winner. I like! And...this was a great way for H&M to major promotion. Wish I had thought of that one.
Photo Credit:, fabsugar, GettyImages

Friday, September 10, 2010

Fashion's Night Out

Are you ready for Fashion's Night Out?

National retailers and boutiques around the country are celebrating fashion and it all happens TONIGHT! Tons of retailers including one of my favorites, Neiman Marcus will be open late, offering special discounts, gifts partying the night away! This is one of my most favorite events of the year! Not just because I love to shop but because I eat, live and breathe fashion and to celebrate it with millions of other "stylistas" across the globe is something I simply can't refuse. I'll be there! Will you?

To find out about Neiman Marcus events in your area visit:

For a listing of all official Fashion's Night Out events in your area log on to:

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Booties for the Brisk

By: StyleMayvin Staff Writer - Shelby Christie

Fall has ushered in that familiar cool, crispness. Battling the familiar wind can be quite a task…lucky for us ladies, fall has also brought with it a feminine touch to help us fend off the cold. Paper bag Booties are THE absolute perfect autumn accessory. The cinched tops of the boot add a ruffle effect, giving a softer feminine look to layers of freeze-fighting garments. Bulking on the layers during the cold months is practical, but sometimes one may get lost under their bundle of clothing. Having a few inches on the heel will help elongate the legs. The paper bag booties come in an assortment of shades, and mostly suede and leather material…making them a fall closet staple.

A particular pair that caught my eye, made by House of Harlow 1960, is a jewel toned suede platform boot called “Dyson”. I absolutely fell in love with the rich shade of the suede; it offers a great contrast to the browns and golds of the fall season. You can find these cold-weather kickers online at

Another great option when choosing a paper bag bootie is a wedge heel. This style may offer you a little bit more stability for those wet and rainy days out. I found a great pair of the wedged variety, online at, they are a 4 ½ inch tan suede bootie. I really like that it has a ribbon lace-up front, adding a dainty touch. The slim ankle boots are also great for pairing with skirts on those frigid fall days, the boot’s cinched top comes up about a inch or two(depending on the particular pair) above the ankle. So don’t be afraid to sport a lovely dress under that trench…These booties will fend off the frostbite for you!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Old Navy Fall Look Book Pick

Here are my two most favorite looks for Fall from Old Navy! Aren't they the cutest?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rockin' Rings!

Since I'm a girl who loves spikes and chains for the right occasion, these rings caught my eye without a second look. The "Titan Rings" by Vita Fede and made in Italy is available in gunmetal, sterling silver and 24 gold plate. It's a fabulous accessory that many celebs like singer, Demi Lovato love. With a name like "Titan", people will be sure to remember you and your fancy ring whether you're a true rocker or not! Available for $175 each at and now through September 13th you can get 20% off by entering the code "SWS20" at checkout!

Old Navy Fall Looks

Who's ready for Fall? Yes I know that NYC Fashion Week is fast approaching and we will be viewing Spring Fashion for 2011 there however, as the weather will be predicting very's almost FALL! I personally love fall clothing because I think that layering is the absolute best way to transition into the new season.

Luckily I have the option of picking the best in basics, classics and trendy items from Old Navy as one of their premiere bloggers! This Fall Season's look book is super cool and priced just right!

So check out all the stylish Jet Sweaters, Citizen Cargo Pants, Cardigans and Prep Coats. Ranging in price from $29.50 to $59.50, you simply can't go wrong!
Which look is your favorite? Guess which one or two...gets two gold stars from the StyleMayvin? Stay tuned and I'll share my favorite look book pic.